Countdown to my Japanese family visit!

The countdown begins! My husband’s family arrives soon for a visit. This will be their first visit to Canada.

This will also be the first time my mother-in-law has left Japan. I feel elated that okaasan (mother) is exploring outside her country at 60 years old. I wonder what she is feeling and thinking.

My father-in-law and brother-in-law have each flown outside Japan once to countries within Asia. We Skyped with them on the weekend and the air was sizzling with exhilaration.

It has been over one year since we saw them last and I can’t wait to share my home country with them.

よい旅を! Happy travels!

leaves in the morning, Jasper National Park

leaves in the morning, Jasper National Park

Have you had family visit your home country from afar? What was the experience like? Did you adore showing off your favorite spots?