Celebrate with me! My blog is officially public.

On June 14, 2014, I pressed the buttons to open my blog to public eyes. The lead-up to this weekend has been surprisingly and phenomenally time-consuming but also mostly enjoyable. The biggest realization was first accepting and then learning to work in snippets of space as they came available while caring for my adorable baby that effortlessly melts my heart every day. I set goals, put up a calendar above my computer to remind me of what I wanted to accomplish and was only a week off my original open date.

chatting on a call

“Yes! It’s true. It’s been four years and my blog is finally open.” (Credit: T.X.)

Now that the technical bits are finished, I have to go back to writing. My last published post was three weeks ago and with a goal of one post a week, I’ve got some catching up.

outdoor office

pondering the trees (Credit: Hitoshi)

I now must also wait for the love to start rolling in: the sharing of ideas, comments and discussion, and meeting new people. This is exciting but also leaves me feeling as vulnerable as the writing sometimes does.

sidewalk hearts

When will the love come?

Posts coming up will cover a variety of topics including a revamped version of a piece on boats in Tokyo, tatami mats, me and my bug friends, my favorite eyewear store, earthquakes, Green Cars, and aprons.

glasses from Japan

my favorite glasses

I read somewhere that blogging can impart significant personal changes and I’m looking forward to seeing how true this will be. Thank you for joining me!

2 thoughts on “Celebrate with me! My blog is officially public.

    • Thanks much, Grace! Really?! I thought goals were your thing, based on some of the posts I’ve read. 😀 A belated congrats on your TV gig, btw! I love setting goals because they seem to get me to do things. Without them, I make endless lists on small pieces of scrap paper and then get so overwhelmed I do nothing. That said, I don’t tend to make goals about things I’m *not* looking forward to or that seem like a ton of work and opening this blog fell into the latter. 😀

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