Photo Fridays! Take 1: Tantanmen at home in Canada

Janaline’s superb Wordless Wednesdays from her blog, Janaline’s World Journey is the inspiration behind Photo Fridays. Thanks for the idea!

homemade tantanmen

Hitoshi’s most recent work using crunchy peanut butter and thick, salty udon noodles. Delish!

Take 1 is my favorite food from Japan. Hitoshi got me hooked on tantanmen after trying a multitude of different variations of ramen. The promise of peanut butter, chili peppers and pork was enough to entice and perplex! While I still enjoy ramen, tantanmen pushes the bar higher. In a big show of love and patience, Hitoshi found some recipes and figured out how to make it from scratch after we moved to Canada. The top variation uses crunchy peanut butter.

Have you tried or made tantanmen? What version do you prefer?

8 thoughts on “Photo Fridays! Take 1: Tantanmen at home in Canada

  1. I’m not familiar with tantanmen, but the picture looks great and the description intriguing.

    I don’t use noodles a lot, as I am not really familiar with all the different kinds. I sometimes use the ones that look like thin sticks (don’t even know how they are called) or rice vermicelli when making fresh spring rolls (summer rolls).

    Oh, and of course instant ramen…. yes, I do know they are unhealthy but I do love the instant spicy seafood ramen, especially on a rainy day… And I do add some extra veggies to make it healthier….

    • Oh! Tantanmen is THE best soup. It’s spicy and peanuty and porky and the noodles bring it all together. I’ll ask hubby what recipe he’s now using and post it. He likes to find new ones and mix old ones.

      Have you tried making ramen from scratch? Well, I assume the noodles are a bit of an undertaking but the broth is not too hard. I can ask hubs about a recipe for that, too. It tastes so much better. On the rare occasion we have broth left, it keeps well in the fridge to eat with leftover rice the next day.

      Have you posted about spring rolls? We have another kit (yes! from Muji) but it calls for ebi and fresh shiso. Can’t eat ebi and there’s no shiso around so I’m looking for other options.

      • Ramen from scratch!! That is way too much hard work for me ;-P….

        Spring rolls is on my to do list. My problem with them is that they always tend to stick to each other, so I tend to eat them at home instead of putting into a lunch box…

          • Would look forward to a post with your hubby cooking 😉

            Although I am pretty into playing with food and wanting to learn (and did) how to make my own pasta, bread etc, I’m also quite happy to grab ready made products.

            Guess it’s the “lazy me” conflicting with the “foodie me” 😉

            • I asked hubby if I could do a ramen and/or tantanmen step-by-step with him and he said yes. Not sure when but eventually! 😀

              Ready made is good. It sure takes a lot of time to do things from scratch and it isn’t necessarily a cost savings. Of course, the flavor is much better, unless you screw up! 😀 I wouldn’t call it lazy… instead prudent. 😀

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