Photo Fridays! Take 2: ink pot at a Kyoto shrine

ink pot - Kyoto shrine

ink pot waiting for customers?

Take 2 is from Matsuo Taisha, a higher-ranked shrine in Kyoto. This large ink pot was on a plastic-covered table along with brushes. It was in an unusual spot outside near a covered rest area, far from the shrine buildings. There was little around to help me figure out its purpose: no host, no sign that I can recall and no one using the brushes.

Have you come across something unexpected at a shrine or temple in Japan or elsewhere?


2 thoughts on “Photo Fridays! Take 2: ink pot at a Kyoto shrine

    • No! I asked Hitoshi and he didn’t remember seeing it. I agree that having brushes and ink out is an invitation. Perhaps there was an event?? I’m hoping someone who sees this will fill me in. 😀

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