Photo Fridays! Take 3: Kyoto mailbox

old mailbox - Kyoto alley

mailbox in an alley in Kyoto

Mailboxes are special. Wee me used to hover with anticipation, waiting impatiently for the mailbox to clatter shut. Even if no mail was for me, it was still exciting to see a stack of paper in the mailbox. When I did get mail, oh happy day! I still love to send and receive real letters that I can touch. Nothing can replace that.

Anything old is also sacred for me. Take this Kyoto mailbox. What does it tell me about the owners? Is it still in use? How old is it? When was it repaired? Isn’t it convenient that the owner has to merely slide open the door to get at the mail? They don’t even have to go outside! The name plate has fallen off and the box is wired to the stand. Is it ugly?

Do you think this home needs a new mailbox?

6 thoughts on “Photo Fridays! Take 3: Kyoto mailbox

    • Good point! While I had mailboxes in most of my Canadian abodes, I had a slot and a box in Finland and in Japan, except for my first apartment, so some stuff came through the door. Thanks for reminding me about stepping on mail! That was annoying in the winter. I had to train myself to check before striding into the entryway within my wet boots.
      I guess you could attach a big box to the outside of your door. 😀

  1. This is exactly the same style of mailbox that my parents have! They rejuvenated it with painting. It still looks good but it’s old for sure!

  2. We don’t have a mailbox! Just a letterbox in the door (which I know the postman hates because it has a very stiff catch…but we can’t change it because all the houses in our street have the same front door with same letterbox (it’s a new built development).

    I can remember when growing up we used to have a letterbox in the door as well, but than the postal service decided that the postman shouldn’t have to walk more than 20 meters from the street to the letterbox to deliver post and everybody in our town had to buy this horrible ugly green plastic letter box on a pole. Our front door was actually 22 meter from the street and my father wrote a very sarcastic letter to the postal service telling them that he would submit to the new rules but that he would no longer allow the postman to take a short cut to the neighbours, and that he would put up a high fence! (The two paths were parallel, divided by a very low fence, the postman could very easily step over it, which of course he did). I don’t think my father ever got a response to his letter, but he never did put up that high fence either….

    • Interesting! That’s a great story about growing up and I can understand about those changes that seem to make no sense. I’m not sure if it’s news in the UK but Canada Post put through a ridiculous postage increase earlier this year AND they are planning to do away with individual home delivery. I can’t remember when but the proposal said that community mega mailboxes or whatever they are called will be built. The mayor of our city responded by saying WHERE? It’s not like there’s a ton of space, especially downtown, to build gigantic mail holding facilities for all several thousand apartments and condos in high density downtown and area. All the new developments don’t get home delivery now anyway. Everyone gets their mail from these blob post boxes that look a little like the PO boxes in post offices.

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