Photo Fridays! Take 4: Takao-san staff

staff near lookout at Mt. Takao

Takao-san staff

Takao-san is a really fun day trip from Tokyo. Hitoshi and I went with his brother and wandered much of the site from bottom to top. My biggest accomplishment was convincing my hiking pals to veer off the main trails down a marked side trail. Even though we were eventually greeted by the shrill rumble of dirt bikes, we had 30 minutes of welcome peace.

Takao-san can be crazy busy on weekends but is still worth the visit. There are so many spots to explore! We discovered this huge staff towards the end of the day. Kiyomizudera in Kyoto has a smaller version where lifting it will bring you good fortune!

Have you been to Takao-san? Do you want to go?

And you?

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