Presenting JapanCanMix’s Overview Page!

Update – As for mid-October 2014, the Overview Page is now called About the Blog.

In June 2014, I opened JapanCanMix to the Internet accessing world with around 35 posts. Almost three months later, this site has just over 70. Is that a lot? I don’t know but I’m a curious bear with questions.

How do visitors choose what to read? Has the search box been used? Does anyone browse the categories on the left sidebar? Does someone else skim and click the top posts on the right sidebar? I have no idea but hopefully an overview page will help.

The overview page covers the three types of posts with suggestions of where to start. I disclose my unexpected panic about giving travel advice, and links to, well, travel advice. Finally, my somewhat haphazard posting schedule secrets are revealed.

Happily, the overview is in time to celebrate three months blogging in public!


This giant cupcake helped celebrate a recent birthday. I think another one is needed for three months of public blogging.

How do you find content on JapanCanMix and other blogs? Where do you head first? What do you look for? I’d love to know!

13 thoughts on “Presenting JapanCanMix’s Overview Page!

  1. I think the questions you presented are the ones asked by all bloggers. I am not really sure of the answer either. I find that some of the posts I write get a lot of hits and months later, they are still popular because of search engines. I just wish there was a clear formula for it all.

    That being said, I love reading about different cultures from an ‘outsider’s’ perspective. Sometimes people don’t realize how special their culture and traditions are until someone points it out to them.

    Happy Thursday,

    • It would be nice to know, eh? On the other hand, what would I do if I did know?! Probably not much other than buying myself a cupcake if the news was good, and likely doing the same if the opposite were true. Mmmmm… icing….
      Me, too! Now, I need someone to point out cool things about Canada. Btw, do you find it maddening to describe Canadian culture? This is likely a post on its own but I’m curious to see what fellow Canadiadiadians have experienced. 😀

      • I know! Usually when I talk about Canada, the national sport, hockey, is usually discussed as well as the natural beauty of the country – the Rockies, Niagara Falls, etc. And for people who have interacted with Canadians, they often refer to us as laid-back, easy-going individuals. But, I guess none of this really describes our culture, right?

        However, I find that all Canadians I have met while traveling are proud of the fact that they wave the maple leaf flag!

  2. hi,

    I can’t remember how I found your blog, or whether you found me first. I tend to browse/search for new blogs, using the WP reader and search on tags so it is very likely that I found yours using the tags “Japan” & “Food”.

    What I normally do when I see a post with a tag that interests me, is looking at the website if there are similar posts and “like” the ones that I read and liked. I also read the “about page” (if there is one) to find out a bit more about the blogger behind the blog, or thoughts about the blog. I also look for the most popular posts, or categories etc, if there are any that could interest me.

    If there are a lot of posts that I like (ie, more than just one or two) I tend to follow a blog in the hope that my initial browse/look/like feeling gets “confirmed”.
    If there is only one or two posts that I like, I won’t follow the blog that moment but make a sort of mental note of the blog name & usually find that blog again using the same tags searches a month later or so. If I noticed that it’s a blog that I previously visited, and there are now more posts that I like, I might follow at that stage.

    Not sure if the above makes sense?

    I actually have only ever “unfollowed” one blog, because there was an overload of posts that suddenly veered away from the initial subject why I followed the blog.

    Once I follow a blog, I don’t often go back to their original blog site, mainly because I read a lot of blogs via the WP reader on my phone and it’s just easier to read the new posts. Sometimes a post will refer back to another posts, so in that case I might visit the blog site, but all depending on the subject.

    To conclude & in answer to your question: I have not used the search bar on your blog, but I did look at both your categories (left) and popular posts (right) when I first visited your blog.

    Nowadays, I usually only read your new posts on the WP reader, unless I want to give an indepth comment, in which case I will wait until I have the time to sit behind my laptop and I will comment directly on your blog (not via the reader)

    Pff, long comment, hope it makes sense 🙂

    • Yay! Again, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate it. What you said makes sense. I can’t say I use the search box much on other blogs, if there is one, but I have wanted one to find a post when there wasn’t one. I like to go directly to sites because I find the reader clunky. Perhaps I’ll change my mind with more use. Remember your comment about full or snippet posts via email? I’m still undecided but sometimes it’s nice to read the full post in an email. Hmmm… should I change… 😀

    • Thanks, Lauren! The overview helped me discover what topics I like writing about. I had no idea a blog would be so fluid. I don’t know *what* I had in mind, actually, but I think a blog is something you have to do to figure out how to do it. 😀

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