Photo Fridays! Take 5: Asakusa amusement park ride

old amusement park ride

Bee Tower – I wonder how old it is?

Asakusa is one of my favourite areas in Tokyo. It was where I spent my first night in Japan before heading to Akita City to start a new job.

Three months later, I was back to celebrate New Year’s at Sensoji, watching people line up to pray for good fortune. I had my first can of corn soup from a vending machine and wanted to camp out in front of a Ferris wheel parking lot! They are still the coolest invention in Japan.

Another three months went by and my sister and I visited. She drew her first ever bad fortune, four years before I drew mine.

Hitoshi and I visited together within the first few months of our relationship, starting off with a meal of cheap gyoza at a small shop near a subway station exit. I begged him to watch the Ferris wheel parking lot with me and he thought I was really weird.

Every guidebook probably features the huge lantern at the entrance to Sensoji. Get your picture taken, wander through the stalls up to the main temple, buy a fortune, pray if you wish, and then turn left. There is a little garden to pass through before popping out in another street of shops. Listen! Do you hear the screams from the roller coaster? It’s part of Asakusa Hanayashiki, Japan’s oldest amusement park!

Have you visited Asakusa or Asakusa Hanayashiki?

And you?

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