Photo Fridays! Take 6: fallen sakura blossoms

fallen sakura blossoms

fallen sakura blossoms still elegant (Credit: Hitoshi)

Hitoshi and I found this little, deserted shrine near Kita-Senju station. Cherry tree blossoms floated down and we tried to catch them like snowflakes in our waiting palms.

Do you have special memories of cherry trees or changing seasons?

6 thoughts on “Photo Fridays! Take 6: fallen sakura blossoms

    • I hope you get there! While the weather can be wonky and the sakura fleeting, it’s such a lovely time of year. If you can, I would take a really long vacation and see the plum blossoms, too. πŸ™‚

  1. As you know, I love cherry blossom! My biggest wish is to visit Japan during sakura season, but unfortunately that’s almost impossible because of work. Some day I will though! For now I enjoy blossom season (week) in Holland. That one week is over way too quickly every time…

    • Wonderful! Yes, I can understand about work restrictions. I’m a teacher, too. Have you thought about doing a teacher exchange? Even if not in Japan, somewhere nearby might make it easier to make the trip. πŸ˜€ The good thing about sakura season is it lasts pretty long overall as the flowers open up from south to north.
      I have never been to Holland but I have seen enough on TV to really want to visit for the flowers!

  2. This photo is beautiful!! I love cherry blossoms (but the again, I love all kinds of flowers – my blog is saturated with posts about beautiful blossoms and flower festivals) and I have always wanted to go to Japan during cherry blossom season. I love how the focus is on the pretty fallen blossom in the middle!! A good shot and a great find!!

    Hope your weekend is off to a great start!! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks from both of us! That time at the shrine was magical. I felt the same giddiness trying to catch snowflakes as a child. I truly hope you get to Japan during sakura season. I confess that I love plum blossoms even more. πŸ™‚ And then there’s iris season and chrysanthemum season and azalea season… *happy sigh* How I adore flowers, too!

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