Three dreamy moments in Japan: a mountain, a caldera and a park fountain

Mount Tsukuba in morning mist

On the way to Fukushima Prefecture from Ibaraki before sunrise

The sun slid above the lower reaches of Mount Tsukuba shortly after this photo was taken. The contrast was dreamy!

Tsukuba sunrise

Tsukuba sunrise

walking around a caldera in the mist

Circling a caldera in the clouds, Mt. Azumakofuji
Jododaira, Fukushima Prefecture

My dreamy hubby dashes to catch up with his parents during our spontaneous hike.

fountain in Hibiya Park, Tokyo

Hibiya Park, Tokyo

After living in Tokyo for some time, I realized I hadn’t explored much on my own. Spending days visiting parks meant I could lose myself completely in my thoughts.

Have you experienced a time when your surroundings helped you slip into dreams?

4 thoughts on “Three dreamy moments in Japan: a mountain, a caldera and a park fountain

  1. The pictures in this post are amazing. I love the sunrise of Mount Tsukuba – totally awesome!! And the one of hiking in the fog is pretty cool – and a little mysterious as well. I bet the picture captured the weather of the day perfectly!

    I have been meaning to ask you this question for awhile – Have you ever completed the Fuji Mountain hike? I have wanted to do it for awhile but timing hasn’t been on my side. It looks intense but I bet completing the climb would be total awarding! – hopefully, someday!!

    To answer your question, I spent a lot of time roaming around Taipei when I first arrived in Taiwan. It helped me to get my bearings and also allowed me feel more comfortable in my surroundings. I have always love getting out and about by myself and I still do today.

    • Thanks so much! By the way, I was actually thinking of you in this post as you had mentioned that you don’t do any editing. I fiddle with contrast and sometimes brightness and midtones and of course, shrink them so they don’t take up a ton of space on my WP account. But… this time I thought of doing nothing. 🙂 Well, I shrunk them but that’s it.

      Yes! Funnily enough, you know that saying about going on a canoe trip with a potential mate to see if you will last? Hitoshi and I did Fuji a whole three months after we met. I complained the ENTIRE way down until we got to the really cool composting toilets and paused in reverence, wishing I had more reserves for a second go, and… well, there’s always more to the story. I’ve been meaning to post about it. 😀 Yes, it was very intense but the views above the clouds brought happy tears. I couldn’t speak for ages after.

      Yes! Me, too! I love roaming and getting lost. I finally had to do that in the nearby city to the village I was living in short-term in Thailand. That was the only way to figure out where I was. I was dependent on others to not get lost before this and it was driving me nuts. Solo exploration is the best!

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