Photo Fridays! Take 10: sunbathing statuette in Kyoto

small statue in front of house

sunbathing in Kyoto near Kiyomizudera

This cross between a jizo (children’s guardian) and a good luck statuette is cute and peaceful.

As for the Weekly Photo Challenge of refraction, I had to dig back into junior high science for the differences between refraction, reflection and diffraction. I thought this photo might fit and then wasn’t sure. Since relearning that refraction is light bending, there’s some on the ground behind the glass and wooden screen as well as in the water of the little rock pool. If you know better and can help me out, let me know!

What do you think this statuette is? Is it holding flowers or four-leaf clovers or something else?

If you participated in the photo challenge, did you find this one trickier than usual?

6 thoughts on “Photo Fridays! Take 10: sunbathing statuette in Kyoto

  1. Very interesting. I have never heard about jizos before. The statuette looks so lovely. I think she is holding a bouquet of flowers. Do you have photos of a traditional jizo to see the difference that you are talking about?
    Kind greetings,

    • Excellent point! I have a draft page of reader suggestions to take care of and I’m going to add this to there. Watch for a post only on jizo in the next couple of weeks! Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  2. On “If you participated in the photo challenge, did you find this one trickier than usual?” — I most certainly did! At first I thought, ah yes, then, oh oh, I don’t think so. Love the idea of a children’s guardian 🙂

    • Wasn’t it?! I started going through photos others had posted and then jumped into physics lessons for a refresher. 😀 I couldn’t even remember the definition of refraction. This image of refraction from good ol’ wikipedia is outstanding.

      Yes! I like the idea of a guardian as well. Jizo also look after travellers, children who have passed away, and women who want to become or are pregnant. Now that I think about it, despite picking up and being given many charms when I was pregnant, I never had one that was jizo. 🙂

  3. This picture (especially the jizo) is super cute! As for holding flowers or a four-leaf clover, I think it could be either or. But, because I have Irish blood running through my veins, I am going to go with the latter. Can you see this type of statue all over Japan or is this a special place?

    I know the cat with the moving arm (beckoning cat) is very popular in Japan (as it is in Taiwan). Do you have any of those cats? I recently read an article about them and the symbolism behind each of the colors.

    • Thanks, Constance! It’s hard to tell, eh? It’s funny you mentioned about your Irish blood because all I could think of looking at the centre was something along those lines!

      As for the statue, Hitoshi and I have never seen anything like this one! Jizo, or ones that look more jizo-like, yes. These guardian statues are pretty much everywhere, although they usually have a little red bib, hat or even some clothing on them. We think that the home owner liked this statue or perhaps it has some personal significance or maybe it’s a modern jizo???

      Yes! Those cats are pretty common. We can’t remember the details but there are different meanings if the paws are up or down and if it’s the left or right arm waving or both. is that the same in Taiwan? I’d love to see the article! I read one too recently but can’t recall where.

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