Photo Fridays! Take 11: “More bounce to the ounce!” Vending machine ads in Japan

Visiting Kakunodate in Akita prefecture was the first trip I made outside my new city after moving to Japan. My friend and I explored a small section of Kakunodate town before hopping on a bus to Dakigaeri Gorge to see the autumn leaves.

“Any Weather’s PEPSI Weather!”

During our stroll, I saw a few vending machines that got me grinning.

The one on the left is cute for the handmade case but the one on the right with the retro Pepsi sign fulfilled my love of all things old.

retro Pepsi sign

“More bounce to the ounce!”

Tired in more ways than one

This machine with the weather-faded sign had me doing a double-take.

Tommy Lee Jones vending machine ad - Japan

Tired Tommy in 2006

Watching Lonesome Dove five times (I know – that’s a lot of hours of my life) and seeing the trailers for Men in Black about 200 times were my memories of Tommy Lee Jone’s face. My friend helped me make the connection with this tired looking salaryman.

Has any advertising stood out for you when you have travelled or lived abroad? If not, is there any advertising locally that does the same?

4 thoughts on “Photo Fridays! Take 11: “More bounce to the ounce!” Vending machine ads in Japan

    • Yes! Cameron Diaz and uh… that really popular guy married to that… oh yes, Brad Pitt were popular for one of the cell phone companies when I lived in Japan. It seems like a great gig for the select few. 😀

  1. I love that the Japanese have so many vending machines for soft drinks and water! I mean, a country where you can get something to drink just a few meters away anytime you notice that you’re thirsty just has to be great!

    • So true! On the one hand, it’s a ridiculous waste but on the other, it’s so convenient. Vending machines for alcohol are still around here and there but most look too old to be working. I also get a kick out of battery vending machines! I realized I had quite a few vending machine photos so I think I’ll compile them together at some point.

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