Blog Updates and “Home” for me

Welcome new visitors and followers!

November is my least favourite month but unexpected news, a blog milestone, and a class have changed my perspective, at least for 2014.

First Award Nomination

JapanCanMix has been nominated for a blog award! It is fantastic to be recognized and is a great push to keep posting.

100th Post

This post will be #100 for JapanCanMix. It’s time to celebrate!

Photography 101

Visitors and regular viewers are going to see a lot of photographs this month. I am participating in Photography 101 through WordPress’s Blogging University. While assignments are daily for most of November, I plan to compile them once or twice a week. Photo Fridays will likely be one of those days.

The first assignment is to post a photo that represents home. Reading the feedback on photos that have already been posted has been helpful and surprising. I didn’t have too many expectations coming into this course, other than wanting to improve. I didn’t expect to see evaluation right off the bat. I’m vibrating with excitement at the thought of significantly improving my photography skills.

Ikebukuro neighborhood, Tokyo

typical Ikebukuro neighborhood, Tokyo

There is a word in Japanese that refers to nostalgia and longing but also happiness. Japan and Canada are my homes and living in Canada means that photos of Japan are significant. This photo captures natsukashi for my husband and I.

The tangle of power lines, a concrete power pole, narrow streets, a tiled staircase in the background, small homes, signs for izakaya (neighborhood bars), a highrise mansion (condominium), block fences and areas where sunlight can’t reach are typical features of neighborhoods we used to live in.

This image will help hold us over until the next trip back to our other home.

How do you see home?

8 thoughts on “Blog Updates and “Home” for me

  1. I read this post the other day and I thought I commented on it but maybe I didn’t so here I go again! 🙂

    Congrats on your 100th post!! I am still making my way to triple digits but it all goes as planned, it will happen it December.

    For me, home is where the heart is. Home is where you are content and happy. Since my husband and I purchased our house 5 years ago and started to turn a shell of a structure into our own personal haven, it really feels like home.

    • Thank you! Best wishes for your potential December 100!

      Definitely. Both where my heart is and where I happen to be is home. That’s so exciting about your home! Did you build? Do you feel comfortable sharing photos of inside? I love seeing the inside of homes, especially across cultures. I would love to eventually build a home that incorporates my favorite features of homes I’ve lived in Finland, Thailand, Japan and Canada. 🙂 What are some things you really love about your home??

      • Thanks, Hilary!!

        Actually, it was being built when we bought it so we got to change a lot and customize it to fit our taste. We looked at about 30-40 houses and this was the first one we looked at – it was meant to be ours! Our house actually looks like a western one on the inside. My husband and I did most of the work and the rest was designed by us and custom made. I talked about it more in the ‘About my Blog’ page!

        • I’ll have to check out the page! I can’t remember if I read it yet and if I did, it was a long time ago. Glad to hear that you’ve put in the work! I think that makes it seem even more yours. 🙂

    • Thank you! It is so fulfilling to have someone notice what we’re doing and what a treat to hit 100! I plan to do a blog review around the six month mark in mid-December so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the next 6 weeks. 🙂

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