Introducing a new page! Reader Requests & Post Ideas

Back to posting!

All my blogging work that isn’t reading is done at night after baby-chan is snoring deeply. Getting sick earlier in the week was deflating. I was on a role with a guest post and loving Photography 101 and then – blam!

No more work for you, Ms. Hilary. It’s bed – or else! Bwa ha ha ha haaaaaaa!

The germ army seems to have calmed itself but I’m not going to tempt them to come scampering back to my sinuses. Stay away, I say!

don't feed the monkeys sign

I’m the monkey. The little boy is a germ monster. Waaaa!
Ueno Zoo, Tokyo

A new page is present

Reader Requests & Post Ideas is up! Some fabulous readers have requests or ideas for JapanCanMix and these now have a home.

Hitoshi and I also have a ton of ideas percolating and twenty have made it on the page.

Check it out, let me know what you think and if you’ve got requests or ideas, add them to the stack. It’s fun for us to see what interests you.

What are your favourite cold remedies?

15 thoughts on “Introducing a new page! Reader Requests & Post Ideas

  1. I’m feeling really proud of myself as I can never read signs like this – but it says ‘if you give the wrong food to the monkey his tummy will swell and he’ll have to go to hospital… and get a bag put on his head?’

    Hope you and yours stay germ free!

    • Ha ha! Thanks for the wishes of staying germ free! And yes, your sign interpretation works for me. 😀 Now I need a crystal ball to know if I’ll ever get that reader request page resurrected. 😀

  2. Mmmm, percolating. Now you’ve made me want a cup of coffee. Gonna have to go make one!
    Oh, I like the request and post ideas page! (Woo, one of mine is there :D) It serves as both as visible “to do” list, while making it interactive with your readers. Neat!! I may submit some more suggestions. 😉

    Favorite cold remedy: Sheer willpower!!! Just kidding, I’m pretty stubborn, but I’m not that strong. I do like honey mixed with ginger tea thoughーit’s warming, and soothes the throat. (I’m usually pretty tolerant of colds except when I get a sore throat. For some reason sore throats make me *really* cranky. ^^;)

    • Ha ha ha! How was your coffee? I’m not a drinker of that fine beverage but I like how it smells. 🙂

      Absolutely! I really needed a place to put requests before I forgot them and using my little blogging whiteboard wasn’t cutting it. I’m a crazy list lady writing stuff on scraps of paper and trying to stop the habit. I just get overwhelmed. Yes! Please do submit more! I still have to have a longer stroll through your blog and comment wildly and put in requests. Oh! Do you know when faux Christian weddings became popular in Japan??

      Ha ha ha! Yes, that sounds like me. Ginger tea! That’s a great idea. I wasn’t crazy about ginger until more recently in cooking. Colds didn’t bother me much before having baby but now, being sick is the WORST. I dread the day when all three of us are sick simultaneously because you know, it’s *going* to happen eventually. 😀

      • Haha, I have the same habitーI get an almost perverse joy from writing things on post-it notes… and then scrunching them up after I’ve crossed everything out on them! I’ve started to be more structured about it though, since I keep losing them, haha!
        I don’t know when faux Christian weddings became popular, but I shall find out…and why! ^^

        Good luck in advance for the day you’re all ill. As you said it will most likely happen… but I hope it’s minor and goes over quickly. I also hope you recover the fastest, because being sick with a super genki kid is probably even tougher! 😉

        • Yes! I’m looking forward to what you find out. Another bloggie person wrote a post about faux weddings and I said I’d find out what I could through hubby. Since we’re not in Japan, we’d just have to do a ton of internet searching and that’s no fun. It’s better to ask around! I thought you’d be up for it. 😀

          Ha ha! Yes, I’m going to wish me heaps of luck for upcoming ill days. Genki is relative, eh? ;D

          • True! And I’vealready asked a couple of friends and they have very differing views on it, which is FUN! 😀

            Haha, genki is indeed relative. XD I remember an old lady saying “Genki da ne—” about a young child who was screaming his lungs out crying. Both his mother and I stared at her in amazement. (I think we were both impressed and also terrified. If this is what a child being genki means…. AAGHGHGHH) XD

            • That’s great! I’m really looking forward to hearing what else you discover about those faux weddings.

              Ohhh yes. Much agreed. Genki was one of the first words I learned. My boss at work told me I was genki teaching. 😀 I love that word. It’s so versatile. Well, many Japanese words are! Have you written a post about this sort of thing?

              • Not yet, but it’s on a list of “words I want the English language to start picking up” haha!! That’s a good idea though. 😉

                  • That sounds like a great idea! (Argh, too many ideas and too little time to do something with them…. for now! 😉 ) Maybe I’ll make a page similar to yours where people can suggest them because I keep losing my notebook. XD

                    No worries! Hope you’ve been well!<3

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