Minimalist photos – intersection, lock and a few from Japan

connected plastic panels


What does the lock open?

Do you have the key?

First attempts at minimalism with the dSLR in Canada.

And some from the Japan archives with a point and shoot.

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What do you notice first in the “intersection” photo? Any idea what the lock opens?

18 thoughts on “Minimalist photos – intersection, lock and a few from Japan

  1. I noticed the cross shape first in the intersection photo. As for the lock… Hmm. I can’t even imagine what it’s attached to. A sci-fi style locker?? XD

    Love the old Japan pics too, especially the trees in the water at the beach! I’ve never seen anything like that before. 🙂

    • Ha ha ha! That “sci-fi style locker” is part of my muse. It’s a large sculpture in a new park. It lights up at night and is very cool! There’s even a button to change the light patterns at night and an iphone dock that does something that I don’t know. We don’t own an iphone so I’ll have to drag someone there with one to figure out what that feature does.

      Yes! Aren’t those trees interesting? I remember Hitoshi asked around to find out more but can’t recall the details. They were for some sort of ceremony. The photo makes me feel sad though since this entire area was devastated in 2011. 😦

      • Oh cool!! Yes, bring someone with an iPhone and show us what happens! That sounds really neat. 🙂
        Oh, of course… Awww. 😦 Well, at least that’s the good thing about photographsーyou can immortalize a moment, place or time. Even if it’s sad, it’s good to be reminded that that’s not always how it was.

        • I found out! Two guys were using an iphone yesterday. They said that if you play a music video with lots of flashing lights, for example, the lights in the sculpture will move in time. They said that you could also use your hand and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried that before! It works pretty well and is super fun to play with. Baby likes pressing the big button, although I haven’t figured out what that does. The lights sometimes change color but not always.

          Very true. Photos capture a moment and add to memories. The thing about memories though that is disappointing to me is how unreliable they are! 😀

            • Good idea! Today the wind chill was close to -30C and I was worried about taking the camera out. Our book says to carry it outside and back in inside a case to prevent condensation on the inside but I’m still worried. I’ll have to add this to my list!

              • …..I have lost any potential desire I could have had to visit Canada in winter. (Also when I lived in the north of Sweden I had to deal with thatーit wasn’t that bad, but got frustrating after a while. Thankfully I didn’t need to drive around. D:)

                • Ha ha ha! Well, when you grow up with it, it grows on you. 😀 Hitoshi and I have talked a lot about moving somewhere much warmer but family live in the cold zones so that’s where we’ll be for a while. (Japan counts as a cold zone with no central heating. :D)

                  • Japan is THE COLDEST ZONE. I can live without central heating, but the fact that there is no real insulation drives me batty. XD
                    To be honest I don’t mind the cold *that* much, but I really don’t like the darkness that comes with it. T-T

                    • True! I like Japan’s consistent sunrise and sunsets. The wild swings further north are harder to handle and don’t get me started on time changes. !! 😀

                    • Yes, true! Haha!
                      (Although my not-so-secret dream is to spend 4-5 months of the year in Sweden, and the year of the year pretty much anywhere tropical/warm. One day… one day!!)

  2. Am trying to figure out what I could be…. but can’t really think of anything. My best guess would be the underside/backside of some appliance or something like that.
    The key opens?? Maybe a locker or something like that?
    Quite intriguing. And I like the clean lines.

    • Great! And thanks for your guesses! Well, those bits are part of a large sculpture in a new park. The piece is my muse! There is so much to look at. I was hoping to get out tonight after dark, which isn’t hard with the sun set before 5pm! But I can only go out when baby is supervised. Anyway, there was some really cool ice formations at the top of one side so I hope they are still there tomorrow.

  3. I really like the simplicity of the first two photos. I noticed the circle first and I have no idea what the key opens. However leave it with me – I love a good puzzle!

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