Photography 101 – pop of color

The first theme for week 3 of Photography 101 is color as the prominent element. I got outside this evening to experiment with colour after dark.

Resizing Help

All images on are resized, usually to 800×600. These ones are 1024×768 since the lower size distorted the images too much. I wondered why the images were so fuzzy and learned something after a quick search. Resizing and compression are not the same, apparently. Can you suggest free software that will resize and compress images? I’ll give it a try and then update these images!

frisbee under blue light

glowing frisbee
The text is sharp in the original but resizing messed it up.

white sculpture and blue sky

ice castle

night sky and white sculpture

roller coaster

Does the colour pop or should I try again? Share your free software for compression and resizing! I can’t wait to take another go at these photos to make them look more like the originals.

8 thoughts on “Photography 101 – pop of color

  1. I’d like to know the answer to that too, having the same issue. It’s very frustrating. 😦
    I like the ice castle, it has a kind of dark, “glowy” feel to it. 🙂

    • Thanks! I like that one, too, except for the fuzziness! I’ve been searching here and there today and have found nothing for what I’m looking for. I guess the term is “lossless compression”. “Lossy” is a new word for me – apparently that means that details are lost. I’m going to post something in the discussion area again for the photography class and see if anything is suggested.

  2. I like the frisbee photo best. Sorry can’t help with free software – you should maybe ask on the Commons or did you already? I have a Mac laptop and use iPhoto to export a large (rather than full size) image of medium quality which seems to work OK, well it does when viewed on the Mac anyway. I hope they will cover this stuff on the course.

    • Thanks for your comment! I like the frisbee one, too. I felt like I was in a night club! I asked on the Commons and haven’t heard anything. I’m going to try again and this time tag the leader folk. I’m with you! I’m hoping they cover something like this. I didn’t notice it much before this last batch of photos but it’s significant and really changes the quality.

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