Photography 101 – capturing moments by playing with blur

blurred cars and lights

night racing
f/10 1/2 sec. ISO 400

Blurring moving options against an in focus background and creating a sharp subject against a blurred background were two options for the theme, moment during week 3 of Photography 101.

Today was the first time experimenting with capturing motion with a manual camera. It wasn’t easy! I deleted around 100 photos and kept the four here as a baseline.

Capturing my vision of seeing at least outlines of cars was really difficult. Most of my photos came out with lines of light and the odd smudge of a car’s outline.

blurred subjects - car and woman in a blue coat

red car, blue coat
f/32 1/4 sec. ISO 100

Trying to catch my husband in motion resulted in about thirty shots of a ghost-like haze in a field or a shadow if something solid was behind him.

The night pictures showed more detail in the spinning wheels of vehicles and I got more car but still not enough.

moving car at night

space glider at night
f/5.6 1/3 sec. ISO 100

While the blurred subject photos seemed easier at night, the panning, especially of people, flopped. I got the occasional clear boot but the rest of the human vanished.

Here’s to second attempts tomorrow!

sharp subject, blurred background

women walking
f/25 1/6 sec. ISO 100

What are your tips and tricks for capturing motion? (besides practice, practice, practice)

7 thoughts on “Photography 101 – capturing moments by playing with blur

  1. I like the first oneーlovely colors 😀
    As for motion photos, I have trouble with those too. I started getting into live photography and I got better the more I practiced, but was put off by getting jostled in the crowd and decided to leave it up to the pros. (I’m such a weenie!) As for advice, what I got was: Get a fast lens (I have a cheap 50mm one, 1.8 , works well at low aperture settings in low light), experiment with the ISO (high setting usually a must, but brings noise), always shoot in RAW, take TONS of pics. Sometimes works, sometimes, doesn’t. XD

    • Thanks much! By the way, remember that comment about all of us getting sick at once?? Well, it came close to happening last night. I was out to bed early Sunday and then baby had a fever last night due to immunizations so hubs and I were up almost all night. Boo! Yours will be the last comment of the night or I’m going to be sick again!

      Anyway, I can see about being shoved and pushed. Hate that! Thanks much for your tips! I’ll have to find out more. I thought about RAW but can’t be bothered with the software to make it viewable… for now. Yes! Isn’t digital great for taking bazillions of photos?! I remember being so excited to get the film from my 110 camera developed at the local grocery store, waiting a whole week and then being crushed when they were all crap. 😀

    • Thanks! Me, too. I want to try again and get better at matching speed. Like Annette said, I might have been using the wrong shutter speed with objects that were moving too quickly.

    • Thank you! Do you have some links to those photographers? I’d love to check them out. The blur and panning was really fun to play with, even with all the duds. What do you like about #3?

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