Photography 101 – swarming snow and landscape at dusk

Finishing up week 3 of Photography 101 means covering two themes: swarm and landscape.

The swarm theme needed to show movement and multiples of something.

Rather than focusing on anything specific, the landscape theme was about the whole.

Swarm – snow dragon

Playing with the camera at night and on manual while Hitoshi tossed snow in the air was fantastic fun. The continuous shutter setting meant that his movement could almost be frame by frame and one photo stood out.

This photo helped me see what graininess looks like after trying to fix underexposure. From the little reading I’ve done, graininess comes from more than just ISO. Perhaps I can replicate this concept and get a sharper photo. The details are f/3.5 1/125 ISO 1000. Any ideas?

snow dragon at night

Hitoshi versus the snow dragon

And a swarm of stationary trees. I imagine them coming to life when no one is there to see it.

tree grove - early winter

Look closely! They’re breathing!

Landscape – dusk

Playtime again! This time, evening was my interest and nemesis. Perhaps the camera sensor was sympathizing with my frozen fingers by refusing to cooperate. (Yes, it was probably more me.) Several settings resulted in a symphony of overexposed photos.

It’s time to review the basics of the photography trinity (ISO, aperture and shutter speed) before trying landscapes again.

foothills and mountains

landscape at dusk
f/5.6 1/125 ISO 200

What is your photography nemesis? Do you have suggestions to help me make these photos better?

2 thoughts on “Photography 101 – swarming snow and landscape at dusk

  1. It really does look like a dragon!! – What a great shot! It sounds and looks like you are learning a lot because of these classes and plus, iIt looks like great fun!

    I just signed up for Writing 201 course offered by wordpress. It is only a couple of weeks long and I think I may learn some tips that can help me with writing a book (which is actually going pretty great)!!

    • Doesn’t it?! I was amazed. I will definitely try again.

      The class has been really fun. I’ve learned more than I expected and have way more confidence in knowing that I have a ton more to learn. 😀

      Me, too! I like the idea of even being there to read other work. December is our life planning and major decision-making month so I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to write long pieces but I’m curious about the process. That’s fantastic about your book! Here’s another link on writing memoirs that may be of use.

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