Photogaphy 101 – edge and double

Themes 3 and 4 from the final week of Photography 101 are edge and double.

The goal with “edge” was to get a perfectly straight line. Double’s optional idea was to rotate the image for a different perspective.


children's chopsticks in a grid

Down by the station, early in the morning, see the little bullet trains, ready to go…

A gift shop in a busy bullet train station was the first place I fell in love… with shinkansen hashi (bullet train chopsticks). Even though they were meant for kids, I wanted a pair.

A few years later, I became a mom. And my husband bought our child bullet train chopsticks.

I’m still waiting on mine.


two bare lightbulbs

Can you see the light?

After seeing a photo where the area around a car was “blown out” to black*, I wanted to try.

By accident, I got partway there with a random photo of the overhead lights in the kitchen.

Bubbling with glee, I moved to the bedroom, and then the living room, and of course, the dining area. The bathroom illumination was also included.

Only the spare room remained.

Ka-chuh, ka-chuh and… success! While the background isn’t black, I love the result.

*As of publishing time, the mystery photo is still at large. I’ll add a link once it’s found.


Have you been completely surprised (in a good way) by a photo you took? What happened?

12 thoughts on “Photogaphy 101 – edge and double

  1. Great photos!! Love the edge one!!

    A quick relating to the course we are both currently taking on WP. How do you go through such a vast amount of information/posts. I just read the assignment about interviews and I read a few posts regarding the topic – however, it seems like too much to go through. How do you handle it? Do read only some? Do you have a method of filtering? I probably didn’t pick the best month for it with the holidays approaching and some other things.

    • Thank you! and Good question! I only interacted with a handful of people. In the photo course, we tagged our work and I’d use the reader occasionally. Like you said, there’s too much in the commons. For this one, I only plan on reading the workshop topic each week and maybe scanning the commons once a week to see if anyone’s work strikes my interest. I, too, have a bigger priority for this month but was overcome with the addictive force of the last two courses. ;D

      • That is what I had in mind as well. I would take all my free time and then some to read through everything. However, I think that I could learn something as well. I realize the other evening that I am pretty good interviewer as I feel that is what I do in English conversation classes – keep the topic and class going by posing lots of questions for discussion. I bet you probably have experience with that as well during your teaching days in Japan.

        • 😀 Yes! Starting and keeping a conversation going is pretty much mandatory in any language setting, eh? As for interviewing, I’m not sure how good I am at that. I think it takes some skill to keep an interview about someone and their life going and figuring out how to pull out a story. I suppose I’ll have to eventually give it a try to see what my skill is. Have you interviewed anyone before that wasn’t job related?

          • Actually, I did some interviews in university but nothing really formal since then. However, my husband claims that I ask a lot of questions and I talk a lot so maybe I would be a great interviewer. 😉 His older brother who is basically very quiet never stops talking to me (in English).

  2. Great photos! I love the perspective of the bullet trains especially. I have never come across those chopsticks though my granddaughter loves her little bullet train toy that she has.

    • Thank you! I had fun with the shink hashi. 😀 I’m going to post a picture showing the package and the whole set in this post for a better idea of what they look like. They have a bit of a brushed appearance and it was hard to work with this. The first pair I fell in love with had very bold, clear colors.

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