Podcast #28: parking, apples & toilet doors – Japan/Canada differences

Have you heard about parking differences between Canada and Japan? Do you prefer to eat an apple with or without the peel? What’s your choice – bathroom door open or closed? Tune in and find out in this all English podcast of JapanCanMix Annex!

That’s right. I was Hitoshi’s first guest on his podcast and we talked about a few differences between Canada and Japan. It was great fun and we can’t wait to do a repeat.

old car in Japan

rogue Japanese car – nose in
Hiroshima Prefecture

Do you have comparisons to share between two cultures or even two families from the same town? Comments in English and Japanese are welcome!

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10 thoughts on “Podcast #28: parking, apples & toilet doors – Japan/Canada differences

    • Thanks so much! Hubby and I were chatting today about when and hopefully in the next two weeks. I’d like to do two a month. We have more differences to share!

    • No but thank you for saying that! It’s funny. I got a mini voice acting gig in Tokyo in a weird sort of way. I was interviewing at a school and the manager/president walked by. He popped his head in the room, said, “Hey! You’ve got a good voice. Want to get recorded?”

  1. First off, so good to hear the both of you and I listened to your podcast while making muffins (multi-tasking at its finest)!! I loved your discussion about the differences in parking. I kept laughing to myself because my husband and I have the same type of discussions. For example, people can tell who drove our car last by the way it is parked in our driveway (which is the size of a garage). I never back in but my husband always does! And I giggled at your husband when we referred to you as being ‘wild’ for eating an apple with the skin on it. I think most people in Taiwan opt to take the skin off of fruit to limit the harmful substances entering their body because of the amount of chemicals a.k.a. pesticides being used when farming.

    BTW, You guys should totally do more podcasts together!!

    • Thanks, Constance! Hitoshi and I are really excited to do more and I was bugging him today, when? when? when?

      That’s so neat that you can relate to the parking and apples! That’s hilarious about parking at your home. Do the cars beep when backing up in Taiwan?

        • Really?! Hitoshi wonders if it’s an Asian thing?? I can’t recall when I was in Thailand about the beeping. Have you heard of other countries doing this as well?
          Those backup cameras are great, except when they are covered in slush! I found that out today with a loaner car from the dealership. We had a big melt. I couldn’t figure out where the camera was on the back of the car to clean it off.

  2. I was interested to hear about the differences in car parking. I think we do both ways in the UK. It might depend on how much time you have as it is usually quicker to park nose in. Maybe in Japan people are not late so often so can park tail in – or maybe they are better at parking? Sometimes, though, it is obligatory to park one particular way. When I worked at the local University, one of the car parks was in a space in the middle of the buildings. We were asked to park nose in so that the car exhaust did not damage the buildings. My husband, on the other hand, worked for an American oil company where safety was paramount. They were instructed to park tail in as this was much safer for any pedestrians when you left the car park.
    As for apples – I usually eat the skin after washing it, but as you say for children we would always peel the skin.
    Toilet doors are usually closed after using, certainly in someone else’s house. In our house we have locks that show red on the outside so you can tell whether someone is in there, providing they remembered to lock it.
    It was good to hear your voices rather than just reading your writing. A great idea to talk about these differences. It has helped me to learn a little more about the cultures of both of my daughter-in-laws. (One is Japanese and one is Canadian). Thank you.

    • Thanks for your comment! I really enjoyed hearing your perspective. I never considered about the safety aspect for parking but that makes sense. Do you know if this is taught? I took my driving lessons 20 years ago and can’t recall if I did much with backing up and especially for parking. When I asked Hitoshi, he said that learning to park backing up was standard!

      Good point about the colored locks on toilet doors. That does really help. I’ve seen that in different countries but more in commercial settings.

      Thank you! I’m glad the podcast helped and Hitoshi and I are excited to do more. We’ve got more on that list of differences. And please let us know if you have any questions or you would like a topic covered, especially with your unique Japanese and Canadian connections!

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