Hope and change in an Eternal Flame

Eternal flame at dusk #1

Eternal flame at dusk #1

The theme for 2015 is change. Our family will be moving homes, jobs and the direction of our lives.

Eternal Flame at dusk #2

Eternal Flame at dusk #2

Personal change is also important with me learning how to have more hope for the future of our child and making my dreams come true like I have in the past.

Eternal Flame at dusk #3

Eternal Flame at dusk #3

Change also means new. What does an eternal flame have to do with change and new?

Eternal Flame at dusk #4

Eternal Flame at dusk #4

The flame is remembrance for victims of war, conflict, violence, and tragedy, of which there were far too many in 2014.

Eternal Flame at dusk #5

Eternal Flame at dusk #5

Light, heat, consistence, and persistance also come to mind. These easily fit with my themes of hope and the energy needed to make change.

Eternal Flame at dusk #6

Eternal Flame at dusk #6

It was fun to play and get slightly different looks each time, especially with the constantly pulsing flame. Which photo is your favorite?

Do you have a theme for 2015? What will drive you this year?


9 thoughts on “Hope and change in an Eternal Flame

  1. I like the first picture the most.
    I didn’t think about it but if I had a theme, that should be ‘grounding negative memories’ like grounding excess negative energy in physics. Sorry for making this too serious and complicated.
    I had to look up again at google to confirm if I still had the right idea about grounding from physics classes. Yes, I was in the right path. What I meant is that I carry some negative memories -which is equivalent to an excess of electrons – and if I am to have the negative charge removed, then I will have to let it go (like losing excess electrons) and ground them!.

  2. Hiya! The last photo is my favourite, it looks like a tiny fiery human holding the maple leaf on a stake! I think my theme for 2015 is “renew”. I will be doing many of the same sorts of things, but with renewed energy and ideas – hopefully doing them better and smarter and with more fun!

    • Ha ha ha! I love your description. Did you notice that one of them looked a little 3D?? Perhaps in the compressed form it’s not as obvious?? Your theme of “renew” sounds fantastic. I love the idea of “better and smarter and with more fun”. What’s at the top of your list? (Or the bottom is fine, too…)

      • No, I missed that!
        I think the process of travel-for-work needs to be renewed. I made a good start towards the end of last year, so I will start by building on that 😄

          • Hmmnn, I used to go somewhere the night before, spend too many days there and catch the last flight home. Effectively destroying 2 personal days. I used to work in the lab very late while away, then go back to my hotel for room service in front of the laptop, working til midnight. It was exhausting, and in hindsight, very lonely.
            Now, I am more mindful of not burning out again. I finish work when my customers do. I go for a walk with my camera in the evenings. I go to the restaurant or invite colleagues or friends (depending on the city) for dinner. I still get some work done in the evenings, but I’m refreshed from getting out with my camera. I swear, photography saved me!
            I know these aren’t novel ideas, but it’s very easy to get stuck in the habit of going back to your room and crashing on the bed with your laptop.
            I am much happier, stronger, more relaxed now, ready to take on the world!!

            • Oh wow… those habits do sound exhausting and unfortunately, familiar if I think of my teaching in the public school system. I really don’t know how to balance my life but I can’t keep doing what I did before. I’m not interested in saying good-bye to my family for 10 months of the year. I’m so happy to hear that things are going better for you! That’s inspirational for me.

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