Introducing a new blog: Gozumezu, Mysteries of Japan

After months of simmering, Hitoshi has launched a blog called Gozumezu, Mysteries of Japan! His topics will include Japanese tales, folklore, mysteries and stories from his childhood.

The first story starts with a sad tale of a puppy’s tragic end. It ends on a happier tone with the significance of land shaped like a Y as a home for deceased dogs.

Visitors to Japan who have bought a shrine charm or omamori can relate to the next story. Have you ever wondered what’s inside a good luck charm? Hitoshi offers a teaser from childhood!

Check out Hitoshi’s stories and let him know what you think. We are curious if anyone can add something from their experiences in or outside Japan.

Japanese dragonfly

Hitoshi’s blog is about to take flight! (Credit: Hitoshi)

Do you have any childhood experiences that you wonder more about now?


14 thoughts on “Introducing a new blog: Gozumezu, Mysteries of Japan

  1. It sounds interesting, I will have a look ! I loved the manga “Natsume Yuujinchou” when I was a little youger, so I’m sure I will love discovering stories related to Japan Folklore 🙂

    • Thanks, Lucile! I’ll let Hitoshi know. It’s weird. Your comment was in the spam box. Normally I delete everything without checking but there were only a few today and I happened to see your pic. That’s a reminder to scan the spam box before I hit delete the next time!

    • Thanks much! I’ll let Hitoshi know. I’ve tried to catch a few but I’ve found it really tough. I love the bright red ones that are out at only certain times of the year in Japan. I can’t recall. Are there quite a few varieties in Brisbane?

      • No not really, maybe the heat? We used to get them when I lived on the farm though. They were always green, if I remember, but a few big brown ones – I remember they looked like those military helicopters they use to transport things!

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