January 2015 Post Parade

Asakusa, Japan water walkway

strolling Asakusa’s river wall

Turning on the widget to show off top posts by views or comments has been a curious commentary on JapanCanMix’s content. The Zoff review is always at or near the top for views. Sorting by comments doesn’t lead to a theme. Photography posts win the likes contest. Posts at the bottom also seem random but tend to be older.

My favorites don’t match those of readers but that’s okay! I figure blogging is like music and movies – personal taste is the decider so it’s no problem if my favorites are your ho-hums.

JapanCanMix opened in mid-June 2014. Here is the Post Parade as of January 2015!

sitting in model train seats

Which set of knees used a fabulous Japanese razor?

Top 5 posts by views

children's chopsticks in a grid

Down by the station, early in the morning, see the little bullet trains, ready to go…

Top 5 posts by comments

namahage (monsters) on omamori

Shinzan omamori with namahage (monsters) that are a special part of the shrine

Top 5 posts by likes

old amusement park ride

amusement park ride – I wonder how old it is.

Bottom 5 posts by visits

shaved ice dessert

Kakigori (shaved ice dessert) Credit: Hitoshi

A few of my favorites, in no particular order


is it a ghost?

If you have a blog, have you noticed anything interesting, unusual or plain weird about your post parade? If not, when you’re wandering through blogs, what posts tend to catch your eye?

36 thoughts on “January 2015 Post Parade

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  2. Ooh, will have to check some of these outーquite a few I haven’t read yet! ^^ And it’s nice to see your favorites as wellーI7m sure there are some you feel more emotionally attached to than others, with good reason. 🙂
    I do love a post with pictures, even if it’s just to break up the info. 😀 As for topics, it really depends on the day/time/mood. ^^

    • Thanks, Ri! I would love that. Definitely. I think of something that I want to write about and then try and figure out how to convey it for readers… but the first part is all me and that emotional connection!

      Visuals can be so much fun! I do prefer ones that have been personally taken but I understand that not everyone is out with a camera. Does it matter to you whether photos are done personally or borrowed from elsewhere? As for topics for me, I usually read whatever has been posted on the blogs I follow. Sometimes I skim but most of the time, I read because the blogs I follow, like yours!, put out consistently strong content.

      • Hmm, like you I think I prefer the ones that people take themselves. It doesn’t have to be amazing or perfect photography. I much prefer the personal touch and angle to a stock photo that can be found anywhere. Even when the photos may be considered aesthetically “bad”, I love that it shows something from that person’s lifeーa unique angle, or an insight into their world. Stock photos are just… meh. They illustrate the point well, but when you’ve seen that photo (or something very like it) in other places, I think it’s harder to find a connection with that particular content.
        Awww, you’re making me blush! I really want to write and keep up with good content, working on making it more consistently good. And dittoーI love your mix of personal experiences and photos, as well as the general “in Japan” things. Always fun to find something new, even when you’ve been here/there a while. 🙂

        • I had to laugh. A while back I posted a link on Twitter about stock photos used to promote a new movie – Vince Vaughn’s I think?? The photos were hilarious and completely accurate. Especially after working in cubicleland in the corporate sector for a few years, those types of photos are pricelessly funny. (Along with Dilbert cartoons at that time!) And no worries! I’ll see if I can make you blush again. 😀 You’re awesome!

        • Thanks much for the link! What do you think about infographics? I thought they were really neat at first and made it easy to read a lot of info but they seem overdone now. Maybe I’m ready for the next thing! 😀

      • I think a good story is sharing your idea or opinion about the place or person or thing, not necessarily poring your heart out. I love a good piece with a personal touch if that makes sense!! I am a visual person so I love to when pictures are provided to illustrate the story. But that is just me!! What do you think?

        • That’s an interesting comment about what makes a good story. I’ve noticed that some posts on other blogs that seem to be full disclosure get a lot of attention. I suppose that works for some people but not me, as a writer. However, I sure appreciate when I get details about a blogger’s life, especially if it is not the regular topic. It makes me feel like I know the writer a little bit better and creates a fuller picture of that person. I also appreciate good images, although if the writing is solid and the ideas original, then it doesn’t matter if there are images or not. And I’d rather no images than stock ones. One thing I’d like to work on is having a stronger opinion. I tend to be of the opinion that there is usually more than one side to a story and I don’t like to make generalizations. However, it doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions. I have VERY strong ones about a lot of different topics, but I don’t tend to write about those on the blog.

    • That makes sense. I really love visuals, especially with lots of color or texture. It doesn’t matter to me if the visuals fully match the text and I especially appreciate creative pairings. Do you have a preference for how photos appear in a post?

      • Usually I like macro, landscape, monochrome, food, nature, … but I’ve seen some good graffiti recently in a post 😀 It’s more difficult for me to appreciate street photography, because it’s really difficult to capture the expression of the people.

        I don’t have any preference about how photos appear really, it doesn’t matter 🙂

        • Thanks for your ideas! I thought your comment about having trouble appreciating street photography was interesting. I tend to think of street photography as grafitti but I think I saw something a while back that talked about it being anything everydayish from the street! I think ordinary and regular can be very interesting because it’s what is often not captured. A sculpture in a back alley, a lamp post, a mom and pop corner store, the gutter… that’s the sort of thing I notice when I’m wandering around outside at home or travelling and it’s fun to see what details are important to the locals. I also love looking at the backgrounds of photos. Sometimes that’s more interesting to me too… like when someone posts a picture of their living rooom with the focus on a plant and here I am, peering deep into the background to see if there’s carpet, what’s on the walls and if the entrance to another room is lurking in that back. 😀

          • There are some good street photography, don’t get me wrong. But… sometimes, it looks like you’ve taken the picture by accident 😀 Everyone is cropped, slightly blurred, there is no composition. For me, the everyday photography is the most difficult to master, but like you suggest, maybe the most interesting.

            • Ha ha! good point about taking pics by accident! And yes, that makes sense about the skill required to master the everyday photo, as you said. I’m keen on learning more about compostion and learning what to look for. Most of my appreciation comes from the gut right now, which isn’t necessarily bad but having some more technical background can help, too.

  3. It always depends on mydaily mood on what articles interest me the most. Sometimes it might be a nice post about some food and on another day I might be more interested in some historical background info from some place. I really read all over the place so I cant pinpoint what is drawing my attention the most 🙂

    On my own blog the most successful articles are never about similar topics but spread out over some family stuff, visiting some place or my general annoyance of stuff happening

    • Interesting! That makes sense though. I tend to read what is posted by the blogs I’m following but I’m also sporadic and will go weeks without checking in on one blog and then read a pile at once. I’m trying to get more organized with the reader but it hasn’t happened yet.

      Do you find that you write whatever you want or do you write with readers in mind?

      • I write actually mostly what is on my mind. I have many things going on in my head regarding stories about my family, or travels and so much more that I try to priories what might be then more interesting for the reader. So the initial idea is whatever is mostly in my head and needs to be written down and the next thought is about whether it is interesting for the reader or how to make it interesting (some strange thoughts going on again now , hope you understand what I mean)

        • A very belated reply to your thoughts about writing! What you said makes sense. When I first started the bog, I wrote first about what interested me and never really thought about the reader. After following more blogs and spending a bit more time doing this blogging thing, I get that the reader is pretty important, too. 😀

          • No worries, sometimes I also postpone to answer to comments or I overlook them as some end up magically without reason in the spam folder. I believe following and reading so many other blogs helped me a lot to find more and more my own writing style which I enjoy to share with others 🙂

            • That’s a good idea about following and reading other blogs! I would love to have the time to read more. I said to someone else that I could happily write all day and I could do the same with reading. It’s such a great feeling to come across a blog with writing I enjoy and then I need to keep going back again and again to get my fix. 😀

  4. Heya – it’s interesting isn’t it? I haven’t delved in great detail, but I want to so that I can figure out the best day for my science feature. I love the photo of the two of you at the top – easy guessing about the razor, is it really fabulous?
    For me, scrolling through, it’s photos that grab my attention, and also catchy titles. How’s the baby burr?

    • Yes! I also think it takes some time to notice what’s happening. I was very “good” in the first few months with consistent posting but that fell apart by Oct/Nov and hasn’t changed. I would *like* to be consistent, because I think that would help my stats, but for now, I’m not and am okay with it.

      Yes! Japanese razors are amazing. Hmmm… what post did I put that in? https://japancanmix.com/2014/10/29/top-four-real-reasons-to-move-to-japan/

      Yes – photos do it for me too when I’m looking at posts. I also like good ones so I try not to let a lesser quality photo taint my reading experience.

      Catchy titles! That’s a good idea. I’ve noticed that news titles have tended to get more and more sensational over the last couple of years to the point where the article barely lives up to the title. That annoys me. While I know that titles can draw people in, I try not go too overboard. Have you come across some pretty incredible ones lately? And which one of yours do you like??

      Baby bur discovered a new skill today. Look mom! I can place my boots on the coffee table, crawl up there, sit on the table, put my boots on, and stand up. But now I’m stuck! (Hmmm… how to discourage this… hmmm…. no ideas as of yet…)

      • Hey!
        I’m like, totes trying to be consistent (sorry, I just, like. Read your post with the razors and thought your point about “like” was great. I’m so impressed that you dropped it!!
        Seriously, yes, I’m trying to post regularly, almost daily if I can. I have my emulate feature that I just started, I am doing one Friday per month editing challenge. I have Justine’s Tuesday events, the weekly photo challenge, the occasional,daily prompt, then adding in my “usual” stuff, I’m almost posting daily, or at least 5 times per week.
        How cute is BB, just showing you “I’m so smart mama!!”.
        I can’t think of any cache titles right now, but I do know that I am spending ages trying to come up with titles…

        • Wow! That’s like so impressive that you’re like posting so like frequently! ;D After my burst of enthusiasm in January with many lofty goals, I’m aiming for one post a week on Sundays and if I can do one more, great. And as for comments and likes and shares, I’m dropping that desire for more, more, more, too. My new plan is to simply enjoy writing for my bloggy and reading and responding on other blogs. I would very much like to post more often but alas, it’s not going to happen with a super genki toddler dashing around the house. 😀 Aren’t titles fun? Do you ever press publish and then go back and change a title??

          • Ah but my posts are short – just a photo and some words. It short but I love doing it. I really enjoy finding a photo that I think will speak to people. Yes I’ve changed a few titles in my time LOL.

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