Life goes in circles: we’re moving!

Thank you for stopping by to read posts and leave likes and comments over the last six weeks. I really appreciate it! Things have been quiet and will be for another couple of weeks because… we are moving! The butterflies started flitting here and there in my belly a few days ago when I realized we will be in our current home for less than two weeks.

We have been living in Canadian city #1 for over five years and most of it in our current apartment. That’s a long time for me. The longest I had lived at one address for at least this long was my childhood home. I believe life moves in circles and ironically or not, we will be moving to my childhood home temporarily as we get settled in Canadian city #2.

Please do come back and explore the archives or check out Hitoshi’s posts on his blog while we are packing up our lives and helping our toddler not feel as if the sky is falling. (We can do it! Yes we can!) We are facing new job sites, me looking for work after my luxuriously long parental leave, and of course, getting to know another city.

And here’s a preview of an upcoming post… can you guess what I’m going to miss?

A bridge to somewhere new

Moving and new directions

How is your year going so far? Have you made any major and perhaps unexpected changes recently? If you have kids, have you ever moved with young ones?

28 thoughts on “Life goes in circles: we’re moving!

    • Thanks so much! We are almost moved *inside* our temporary home now but our desk area is still a disaster. Bit by bit, right? Hubs work schedule has changed three times since we arrived and that’s added to the ongoing excitment. 😀 What types of moves have you done over the years?

    • Piia? Is that you?! I owe you an email, don’t I! Thanks so much for stopping by. Much appreciated! Thanks as well for the good wishes. We celebrated (sort of) a month in our new home today but it feels like muuuuuuuch longer and we’re still getting used to things. Yikes! 3 moves in 7 months is a lot! I definitely want to know the story and hope you’re well!

  1. I have moved several times (the last one only a couple of months ago!) but never with kids 😀
    Good luck! I hope everything goes smoothly 🙂

    • Hi Marta! Thanks much for dropping by and apologies for taking forever to get back to you. Thanks too for the good wishes! Overall things went well and we’re now in the middle of a still bumpy transition with hubby’s fourth new work schedule and doing all the catching up from two months of only moving stuff. I think it’s neat that so many others have mentioned moving recently. It’s great to have company!

    • Thanks much! Moving went well and we will definitely be going with movers again. That was money well spent! While we didn’t hire cleaners, and cleaning was exhausting, it was also great to not feel exhausted from lugging boxes and furniture down three flights of stairs and then into a new place! And back on cleaning, I actually enjoy doing it. It’s cleansing in the sense of closure. And now I have to check out what you’ve been up to!

  2. Good luck! I hope the move and transition back to work for you goes smoothly. Moving is a lot of work, especially when you are moving a long distance and during the winter (Canadian winters can be harsh), so I hope the weather cooperates with you as well! 🙂

    • A super belated thank you, Constance! We were lucky with the weather, especially for February. It was gorgeous until the day we moved when the temp dropped and the snow came, but it was only temporary. Hiring movers for the first time was well worth it! We will likely never go back to doing it ourselves. And also appreciated since our destination was super cold with snow almost a metre deep in the backyard! I can’t recall if this has already come up but do you miss Cdn winters??

    • A super belated thanks much! You’re moving, too? Really? Really? How exciting! As much as I asserted for years that I *hate* moving, it really is good for the soul to have a change. I felt like our home was a bit of an albatross and I wasn’t really admitting it. The other good thing about moving is appreciating what we had. 😀 And today, I was dreaming about moving to Japan temporarily. Hmmm… now how to make this work. ;D

    • Thanks so much, Lucile! It really is wonderful to share news on the blog and hear back lovely support from around the world! I’ve been seeing more and more bloggers contribute to your photo rehab and I keep looking forward to the day when I can finally join too!

  3. No lil tykes but have done more than one international and local moves.. including the ‘temporarily back with the parents’ pit stop.. let’s just say it was a massive adjustment for my (now ex) hubby from Delhi!

    • Ha ha! Oh, oh, oh, yes with, as you said, “massive adjustment” to being back in the parental home… 😀 for everyone involved. I think even the dishwasher has been a tad traumatized. As for living with the fam, this would be normal if I were back in rural Japan… and I will keep telling myself this. He he he!

        • He he… so true! Actually, the dishwasher is a real novetly. The last time we had one was while we lived briefly in a condo when we first moved back to Canada. Before that, I hadn’t used one in a few years. I don’t mind washing dishes but having a dishwasher is a real treat!

          • Yup! I last had one about 20 years ago when was back in Winnipeg and a friend decided to sell his dishwasher as would have an in-built one in his new place.

            I instantly snapped it up – one of those ones where you needed to hook it up to the kitchen faucet and then un-hook post washing. Was SOOOoooo welcome! And the top was wood like a cutting board so added more serviceable work space in the kitchen too.

            Those were the days of simple domestic luxuries! 😉

            • My grandma had one of those! I haven’t seen one like it for ages. I wonder if you can even still buy something like that?? Probably only second hand? Ah, those were the days when appliances worked *and* lasted longer than a few years. 😀

  4. Yes, I moved lots of times with young ones. The first house we owned was in Swindon. Wiltshire and we had moved twice with our baby before we bought it – our little one was too young to notice thankfully. We were there for a couple of years by which time number 2 came along. When number 2 was a baby we moved up to Aberdeen for 6 months or so and then back to Swindon where number 3 arrived. Then when number 3 was a baby we moved back to Aberdeen and here we have moved 5 times!! Children take their cue from their parents. If you are happy about the move then the little one will be fine. They are very adaptable at that age. Much easier than moving when they are older and are settled into schools and have friends etc. Just make sure that the favourite teddy does’t get lost at the bottom of a packing case.

    • Wow! That’s an impressive number of moves! How did you stay in one piece?! Was/is it common to hire movers? We did for the first time and it was definitely worth the expense. When I moved in Japan, I hired a mover and I couldn’t believe how easy it was, but that’s the norm there. Back in Canada, I always did the heavy lifting for myself with the help of a few others (usually family) and it was never a fun experience. I took to heart your comment about kids taking cues from their parents when I read it back in February and made sure to keep favorite toys, books and cutlery handy. Thanks again for great advice!

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