atrix Beauty Charge – a new favorite hand cream from Japan

atrix Beauty Charge was a surprise arrival in the last care package from Japan. It took a while to twist open the cap. My feeling was that the original atrix Hand Cream would always be best.

atrix collection

personal stock of atrix

I was wrong!

Top qualities of Beauty Charge

While the atrix Hand Cream will still be a favorite when I want a thicker coating, Beauty Charge is better for a few reasons.

The tube has 30 more grams than the Hand Cream, bringing the total to 80. This is a big plus for heavy cream users.

At first touch, the cream is slightly watery and smoothes easily. While the atrix Hand Cream is not difficult to smooth, it is closer to an ointment in its heaviness and Beauty Charge is more like a cream.

If you don’t like fragrance, you are in luck. Beauty Charge has no smell compared to the faint scent I swear (or perhaps imagine) the atrix Hand Cream has.

After a moment, the cream feels smooth and slightly dry, but not like the atrix Hand Gel. Layering the cream brings the texture closer to that of the very thick atrix Hand Cream.

As for price, I don’t know. I will check with my Japan family to see what was paid.

atrix beauty charge hand cream from Japan

the new #1!

The Collagen and the C

Beauty Charge has “Collagen C” in it. Perhaps the C is for carrots since the label mentions them in relation to the collagen source. (How interesting.)

While living in Japan, Hitoshi and his mother often spoke of the benefits of collagen for gorgeous skin and encouraged eating it. This didn’t impress me enough to stock up but if collagen is already in a product, even if it’s only hype, that’s fine.

The atrix ownership matrix

As with the atrix Hand Cream and Hand Gel, Beauty Charge is made in Japan. That’s great but I was still puzzled why there is no mention of Japan on the main atrix website. Does it have something to do with licensing and branding?

In tiny text at the bottom of the Beauty Charge tube are the letters for the company Beiersdorf. Hmmm… Searching for the Japan Beiersdorf site got me to a homepage with an atrix logo. Success! Almost.

Strangely or not, the url for the site is Nivea-Kao. A quick side search helped me discover that Nivea (that ubiquitous brand) is owned by Beiersdorf. I already knew of the large Japanese company, Kao. They sell skin care products amongst others.

Two more clicks eventually landed me on the Japan atrix site (Japanese only), with a main address of Kao. How complex but intriguing.

Have you tried this product or the Hand Cream or Hand Gel? What do you think? Do you have any other favorite cosmetics you’ve discovered by accident?

4 thoughts on “atrix Beauty Charge – a new favorite hand cream from Japan

  1. I’m not a huge fan of hand creams. Don’t use one as I find most of them leave my hands oily or sticky. Cosmetics here are fairly expensive here in Australia so I don’t usually buy them. However, I have a thing for face moisturisers and am always on the lookout for good ones that absorb easily into the skin. Not long ago I discovered the brand Billy Goat Soap and fell in love with their facial moisturiser – doesn’t sting my skin and keeps it smooth 😀

    • That’s a bonus of parts of AU! I found that I didn’t need cream when I was in Brisbane for a few months and in Japan, I eventually only needed a little here and there. But alas, back in my dry-as-a-desert corner of Canada, cream is a necessity. It was hilarious for me to see my hubby struggle with this. He only wanted to use the tiniest bit of cream after not growing up with it until his skin looked like it was about to shrivel up and fall off. Glad to hear you found a face cream you like! I looked them up and it looks like an Aussie brand. Interestingly, there’s a brand with a similar name that’s Canadian!

      • The weather in Brisbane is on the humid, tropical side while on the other hand in Melbourne where I am the air is very dry. Ooooh, interesting to hear there’s a similar Canadian brand of cream. What is it? Maybe it’s sold here as well 🙂

        • Yes! I remember Melbourne feeling pretty different. I also found Tasmania pretty dry but in both cases, I was only in each place for less than a week.
          Isn’t it? The Canadian version is spelled Billy vs. Billie. It seems like a local company and I’d never heard of them before. They seem to do more with soap instead of cream. The AU website looks far swishier. I’d buy from them. ;D

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