Flying kicks, dapples of light and dancing owls

It’s been a long time since I participated in the WordPress weekly photo challenge. In fact, the last time was the beginning of January.

It’s not for lack of trying. I see the themes every week and make attempts but once I’m ready, the challenge is long gone. That said, a problem it is not! I’ll keep on trying.

jump and kick!

Flying kick! in front of a typical Canadian back alley

Walking is one of my favorite activities and our little bitty toddler is getting stronger and more willing to walk farther and farther.

On one of our recent excursions, we stopped at a small park in our neighborhood to play on the “mountain”. (In other words, a hill, but mountainous when you’re only a few feet tall.) I got this shot of Hitoshi by happy accident.

It was close to noon so the light was washing out anything in its path. Normally I only change contrast using my cheapo software, an ancient version of VSO Image Resizer from 2009. This time, I tried the color settings. While the result doesn’t match my dreams, I’m happiest with this version.

changing light

dancing light

This glorious and newish park was across the street from where we used to live in our old city. (Sniff.) I miss our old abode more than I imagined and part of the joy was spending hours playing in this park.

One winter afternoon, the sun was hitting the building just so. We were treated to a mesmerizing light show of ripples, sparkles, swirls and ever-changing motion.

The event lasted less than 15 minutes until buildings further west blocked the setting sun’s path. Out of the many photos, this is my favorite.

owls in the backyard

twinkling owls

I bought this wind chime for my mom over 20 years ago at a rural farmer’s market. She loves owls so it was a perfect fit.

This chime hung in the front hall of my parents’ home for years. I don’t know when it got moved outside but it’s now where it was meant to be. It has started to rust but its tinkle is loud and lovely when the owls sway and twirl in the wind.

I couldn’t decide which picture I liked better. Do you prefer the one above or below?

owls and tufts of greenery

owls in nature

Have a great week!

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