A couple of bugs at a construction site – Photo Fridays returns!

lovey dovey bugs

A couple of bugs – get it??

In a week of resurrections and repeats, Photo Fridays is back!

My very first post in this series was inspired by another blogger doing a Wordless Wednesday series. I had no idea that this was a known thing and started my own Photo on a Friday piece, thinking my title was super snazzy. Ha! Live and learn.

My last Photo Friday was way back in December 2014 near the beginning of my 2004 Thailand tsunami memories.

Today’s feature is an adorable sign/banner incorporated into fencing at a construction site. I took this photo way back in the dreamy summer of 2007 while out wandering with my new love, Hitoshi in Akita City, Japan. *happy smiley sighs all around*

Japan is known for its cute construction site signage. Have you seen anything similar where you live or is it all boring, serious, burnt orange blah like in Canada?

15 thoughts on “A couple of bugs at a construction site – Photo Fridays returns!

    • How interesting! That reminds me of the fake police officers on small billboards beside busy roads complete with a helmet, reflective strip and sometimes an arm with flashing lights that moves. Do you have any pictures of these roadside helpers?? I love this sort of everyday thing!

    • Sorry for taking ages to respond! Ha ha! Yes, bamboo scaffolding… useful yet so scary! What’s the tallest you hae seen?! That’s interesting that signage is ho hum in China. Do you have any photos of this sort of thing?

      • Mmm I can’t remember, I don’t think I have… but the funniest sign I have ever seen was a sign of “wear a gas mask” outside a public toilet in Beijing… you definitely need one to stand the stench, hahaha!

        • Oh, I can only imagine. There’s a pretty funky smell in some squat toilets in Japan and the unmistakable odor of outdoor toilets/outhouses in Canada. Growing up, I used to hold my breath but I simply suffer now. 😀

    • I know! Why be boring when you can be cute?! Well, I have to be honest. I never understood the intense power of the cute factor until spending time in Asia. Once the bug bites you, there’s no going back. I’m going to be drowning in cute forever and I’m proud to say so. 😀

    • Agreed! I’ve got a few other photos of various street bits and pieces. I can’t help but giggle when I see construction signs in Japan. How can I be upset when a smiling frog, monkey or bunny is staring back at me while telling me to keep out? The other bonus is that construction is often done at night under huge lights when traffic is less likely to be obstructed AND it’s done so quickly. On the other hand, there are also somewhat dubious construction practices including redoing the same road over and over to keep backs being scratched and the money flowing. 😀

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