Thai temples, winter glass and dessert – intricate in photos

Rather than taking new photos for the Weekly Photo Challenge, I fished around in the archives for memories of intricate.

gorgeous detail - how long did this take to create?

What detail!

A new friend I met just before going to Thailand in December 2004 insisted I get a Thai massage at the famous Wat Pho in Bangkok. I was thankful for the suggestion, not just for having my body twisted in strange and amusing directions but also for touring the temple complex. This elaborate design was taken from somewhere inside one of the many buildings, likely the one housing the massive reclining Buddha.

Tiger Cave Temple, Krabi, Thailand

intricate script, reaching the top of 1200+ steps

Not having ever seen Thai writing before visiting Thailand, it looked so beautiful and intricate. I imagine this script was congratulating me for making it up the 1200+ steps at the Tiger Cave Temple outside Krabi Town.

What will it sound like?

ding, ding! (or is it dong?)

I love the apparent tangle of fraying twine, rusting pipes, that giant hook, the little stick, and of course, the gorgeous bell complete with carvings against a background of porous rock. The entire mess of textures seems complex yet everything has a purpose. This is also at the Tiger Cave Temple on the top deck.

winter dew on glass, Canada

winter dew on glass

I love the pebble-like feel of all the little dew drops. It feels complex but also balanced in a way that nature is so good at. This was from a few months back when it was a bit colder here in good ol’ Canada.

Christmas dessert, Canada

homemade pannacotta

A relative made pannacotta for dessert for our last Christmas dinner. The ground vanilla made a wild pattern and the black went so well with the orange fruit garnish. I am still learning how to focus my lens properly to get the sharpness where I want. This is close and while it isn’t as clear as I would like, it’s getting there. This is yet another reminder that it’s time to invest in a macro lens.

Are you working on a particular photography skill or is there one you would like to improve? Does a trip from long ago seem like yesterday once you dig out the pictures? Happy day to you!

34 thoughts on “Thai temples, winter glass and dessert – intricate in photos

      • We have been to Thailand several times and went to Bangkok [of course], Phuket and Ko Samui [and surrounding islands]. The last time we did a month trip up to the north stopping starting at Bangkok and stopping at Ayutthaya, Phitsanulok [to check out Sukhothai], and onto Chiang Mai [where we took several tours to Chiang Rai, the Golden Triangle, and visited some villages].

        • I’m envious! How I would love to do what you have done. Some day! I still dream about going back to the little village where I volunteered and of course, visiting as much of the country as I can. I really love Thailand. There is something special there that seems to fit so well. Now, if only it wasn’t so far away! It reminds me of when I finally met up with a friend in Australia, her new home. All I could think of saying was something along the lines of how far away she lived from “everything”! 😀

    • Thank you! The dew on glass was fun to play with. I love closeup shots since they are challenging for me to get the focus how I want and to fill a frame completely. What are your preferred kinds of shots?

  1. I love your intricate photo and the winter dew on glass. Excellent photos in general.
    I also have an issue with sharpness. The tripod helps if I’m shooting macro but still, my eyes are never going to see anything as sharp as I would wish (have a cornea degeneration issue) so I tend to ask my hubby to check for me, if he is close by.
    I have been also doing more manual shots. Before digital that’s how I did but digital got me a bit lazy…lol

    • Thank you! Oh yes, sharpness is really tough for me. I almost feel like I need a magnifying glass to check my screen. Or else take a pile of pics and hope at least one comes out how I envisioned. It seems that you compensate well despite having degeneration. Do you have any other tricks beside hubby that help? I don’t need bifocals yet but I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been expanding text on smaller screens more often so I suspect I will be needing to figure out different ways around my changing vision.

      Yes! Digital is such a blessing but it also takes away some of the craft in a way. Or so I think… I’ve never used a fully manual camera with film. My dad has an old slr that I would love to play with but with film being so expensive to develop and hard to find, I’m not sure I will go that route. My last film camera was an auto pentax from years ago and if it still worked, I’d love to give it a final whirl for the memories. And then before that, it was my trusty Kodak 110! 😀

  2. I am trying to improve my nighttime photography since a while. I really should carry that tripod more often! Lovely pictures, my favorite is the first because the gold comes out so nicely.

    • Thank you! Ah yes… nighttime photography. That’s something I have barely looked at although it’s easy to do here in the winter with such short daylight. I would love to be able to take pictures of stars and the moon.. and fireworks. Seeing the moon through a telescope in Hawaii at Mauna Kea was mindblowing. It’s one of the most incredible sights I’ve ever seen! Is there anything in particular you are working towards with night shots?

      • Shooting the moon, stars or planets would be awesome too, but it’s quite impossible in a big city like Berlin. And without the right equipment, it’s hard to compete with the view you get in an observatory!

        So I am working towards nighttime street photography but it’s challenging too.

        • Nighttime street photography sounds like a lot of fun! I love how an environment can look so different between night and day and I imagine that Berlin at night is amazing! My best night Berlin memory from that high school trip (20+ years ago) was wandering through East Berlin and standing at the back door of an opera house after dark with our teacher. The streets were deserted and here we were behind a massive, square building, giggling in the dark. I remember too how East Berlin seemed so grey and empty compared to West Berlin. I’m still so happy I got to be there at that time when the differences between both sides were still so obvious. Well, I’m assuming they aren’t now but perhaps I’m wrong??

          • It has definitely changed a lot! Some of the districts in the old East Berlin are among the most popular areas to live now. They are full of young people and full of people from all over Europe who move here because Berlin is so hip now. If you look closely, you can still see differences. There is a great picture of Berlin from above at night which shows that the street lights have a different colour in the old East Berlin.

            • Really?! That’s very cool! Do you have any links to point me towards this? I would love to see it. Or have you taken one yourself? I’m quite sure that it is impossible to erase or cover up everything in East Berlin. The building styles and layout are too distinct without tearing everything out. One place I’d love to see is the no longer new parliament buildings. I’ve only seen pictures but I love the idea of a glass dome and being able to look down into the working areas of government. It’s interesting symbolism.

  3. I am just generally trying to improve my photography skills as they are nearly non existent 🙂
    I usually try to not check out older pictures, for some reason I don’t like it as not always only good memories are associated with them

    • That’s great! I can’t remember but have you tried the photo 101 classes through WP? That was a great help for me along with the online resources if you like to read and try things.

      That’s interesting too about not looking back at old photos and having memories pop up. I’ve done some of my own cleanups over the years, deleting or tearing up photos that I don’t want to remember. The strange thing though is that sometimes I remember them even better than if I had just left them be!

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