The beautiful forces of nature in Australia and New Zealand

Like the last weekly photo challenge, intricate, I jumped back into the archives. This time, we are visiting Australia and New Zealand to showcase the gorgeous forces of nature.

beach in the mist, Napier, NZ

beach in the mist, Napier, NZ

Napier was one of my favorite stops during our New Zealand trip. The penguin rescue centre program and art deco tour were fantastic and fun experiences but I was also just as happy with a hike above town and the black sand beach.

boiling mud pit, Rotorua, NZ

boiling mud pit, Rotorua, NZ

Rotorua was memorable for the kiwi (birds), Maori culture and smelly, boiling mud! I can’t recall where I took this photo but I think it was in a city park. The whitened vegetation around the mud surprised me.

start of a storm, Rotorua, NZ

start of a storm, Rotorua, NZ

If you recognize this spot, please let me know. It’s near Rotorua city but I can’t recall any other details.

The spits of rain and the wild contrast of light from the clash of menacing clouds with overpowering afternoon sunshine are what I like most about this photo.

Red Rock Volcanic Complex, Victoria, AU

Red Rock Volcanic Complex near Colac, Victoria, AU

A friend invited us to stay at her dairy farm near Colac in Victoria, Australia. She took us on a short drive the first day to the Red Rock Volcanic Complex just before sunset. The land formations were incredible! Not knowing much about Australian geography, I had a hard time imagining this part of Australia filled with active volcanoes.

The same rolling surfaces made up most of the grazing land at the farm along with tons of boulders and smaller rocks. This meant that the easiest way to round up the cows for milking was on foot.

Twelve Apostles National Marine Park, Victoria, AU

the power of water

My friend lived near Port Campbell National Park, which includes the famous Twelve Apostles Marine National Park. We were lucky enough to be there in the late afternoon and into sunset.

The power of nature is obvious here. Eventually these limestone stacks will collapse into the ocean.

beach near Twelve Apostles

near Twelve Apostles, Australia

As the sun set, surfers were still out on the waves. While the water looked gentle, its sound told me otherwise. The ocean is hypnotizing and I could have sat there all night.

What are your favorite things from nature? 

18 thoughts on “The beautiful forces of nature in Australia and New Zealand

  1. Fabulous. I saw this post previously but the photos wouldn’t load on my bad hotel wifi. I love the storm cloud photo. And how awesome are the twelve apostles?! I love that place. Excellent post.

  2. I love that light that you get just before a storm when the sun is out – it really shines. You have some beautiful photos here, showing the Force of Nature really well.

    • Thank you! Isn’t that light incredible? It really is something to behold. Despite the possible destruction that can come with storms, they are my favorite event to watch. When the sky suddenly gets really dark like night in the early afternoon or it rains while the sun is shining or thunder hints at something around the corner… these are some of the best times of summer weather. Now to remember to have my camera handy. 😀

  3. Nicely done – I too was amazed by the prevalence of natural wonders in Aus and NZ – it’s a fascinating trip which my husband and I totally loved! Thanks for the reminders.

    • Thank you! Oh… they are both amazing places, aren’t they? I think I could easily spend a year at least combing through every inch of ground and never get bored. And thank you again for the connection! I’ve marked your site for a good read. It looks right up my alley.

    • Thank you! The Twelve Apostles are incredible. I went back a couple of times after during my next trip to AU and loved that area even more. It’s got a great vibe there and the scenery is incredible, especially being able to see it in daylight and after dark.

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