Photo Fridays – pops of color in Japan

The local Japanese consulate is holding a photo contest. We meant to enter last year and never got around to it but this year, I’m determined!

Going back over the photos I was thinking about entering last year took a fun twist when I started playing with contrast. I love how deep colors appear along with big distinctions between the solid black lines and the rest of the photos.

Kyoto, Japan

criss-cross with a sprinkle of pink, Kyoto

I loved pushing the contrast to the end until the metal structures disappeared into black lines with pops of color while the early cherry blossoms at the top became little, pink flashlights.

We discovered this outdoor art installation or sculpture? during a wander through Kyoto in late winter.

wild building along a back street in Kyoto

spirals and power lines, Kyoto

We found this wild building down a back street that we took on a whim, again in Kyoto.

As for the power lines, I’ve heard some say that they make streets in Japan ugly but I love them. There is something comforting about the crazy tangle of wires. I have no idea what the term would be but the effect in this photo is fantastic to my eyes.

lanterns and sake casks, Kyoto

rich golds at a shrine in Kyoto

The warm colors are like a hug in this photo from a Kyoto shrine. Pushing the contrast also brings out the lettering on the sake casks in the background.

What do you think? Do you prefer to keep photos “clean” and as close to what you saw or go wild?


36 thoughts on “Photo Fridays – pops of color in Japan

  1. I’m a bit boring really. 🙂 I guess I’m more interested in telling the story than experimenting with the photos. But I do appreciate your follow. Many thanks 🙂

    • No worries! I think I got the tip off from Lucile’s blog. Ha ha! Boring is relative. I also love a good story and tend to include something with my photos, even if it’s a sentence. Writing has been taking a bit of a pause lately. I’ve got a busy toddler in my life and that about explains it. 😀

  2. I think people who are against editing are just like the ones who said that photography was not art when it was new. I usually apply a few edits to make every picture fit ‘my’ style instead of the ‘Olympus style’ (which I do like for its bold colours).

    • Interesting… I’m going to have to take a look closer to see what your style is. 😀 I like that you’ve brought this up because I’ve started to notice a consistent style for me too over the last few months. It’s fun to see that developing. When did you start to notice your style?

    • That’s interesting. I don’t have much experience with filters. We have a clear one on the lens but that’s it! Hubby likes to play with them more on the camera… at least I think they are filters? Ones like the toy setting. He’s created some really interesting photos that look straight out of a miniature museum or looking through a viewmaster from when I was a kid.

        • Oh yes! That’s it. 😀 So, is that a filter or just a setting? Hitoshi also likes the one that creates a fisheye effect. The first time I saw a fisheye lens was about 10 years ago. I thought it was really cool! But now, I think it works for some images but it wouldn’t be my first choice.

  3. I neved edit my pictures because I don’t know how (and I don’t usually have time), except in instagram, their filters are so easy haha.

    There is also some crazy wiring in China and I love it!

    • Sounds good! I haven’t used instagram but it looks fun! I guess I need a smartphone though?? 😀

      Yahoo! Glad to hear about the wiring in China, too. Do some look like a rat’s nest?! I would love to see some pics!

      • Yes! i think you can only upload pics to instagram with a smartphone…

        a rat’s nest?? i had never heard that expression haha. the wires in China are not like that i would say, but in the philippines they definitely are!

  4. I love the criss cross one with all the dark colors and pops of pink flowers and hints of yellow.

    I like to experiment but for the most part, I keep my photos clean which a few touch ups here and there.

    • Thanks, Constance! I think the skill of the photographer is up there if not much work is needed after. 😀 Well, to be honest, I expect that there isn’t much that needs to be done from what I’ve seen of your work. Do you tend to do experimenting while getting the shot set up more than after?

  5. Cool! I like to go wild as I’m sure you know. Great geometry in those first two shots. And what a deep and brilliant blue!!

    • Thanks! Yes, I was thinking of you when I wrote “wild”, remembering some of the shots I’ve seen on your blog. 😀 It’s really exciting for me to slide one of the contrast settings way to the left or right to see what happens because so often, I get a surprise.

  6. I usually love my pictures to be clean however sometimes when there are great contrasts I bring them up as much as possible with some editing 🙂
    I have few examples of this on my twitter:

    hope these links are working :p

    • Thanks so much for posting these! I love the colors. Is the winter one in Germany or Finland?? And the Finland one brings back memories! *sigh* I really want to go back with my family for a visit. Hubby and I were dreaming about spending at least a month in Europe at some point in the near future. 🙂

              • Probably because I am so used to it here. The forests are not natural as they’ll have been planted during the last centuries, the countryside itself is just full of farms and the city, oh my city hasten voted ugliest city in this state for many years in a row now 🙂

                • That makes sense. And true about forests being replanted. I think that’s a problem in many places, especially if the wrong trees get planted. !! Really? Ugliest city in the state? Oh no! What makes it so ugly??

                  • There were a lot of wrong decision in this city when it was rebuild after the war and it is still going on these days. They’d build this huge mall now here in the city center and tore down many historical buildings for that, oh well..

                    • Got it. I’m having some sort of deja vu like I already asked about this but perhaps I’m imagining. So many historical buildings have been torn down around here, too. It’s sad really, especially when the new ones are not inspiring, even on a good day.

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