Surrounds of nature in Hawaii plus a Thai temple

The WordPress photo challenge for this week was enveloped. This one was a toughy for me. All I could come up with was taking photos of our wedding money envelopes from years ago but… they are still packed in boxes after our move.

Instead of going new, once again the archives sang their song and I found a few from Hawaii and good ol’ Thailand.

a giant leaf

Akaka Falls State Park, Big Island, Hawaii

I love how this gigantic leaf seems to be slowly enveloped by the surrounding plant life.

sunset in paradise

glowing orb
Kona, Big Island, Hawaii

This photo was taken at the max of my old point-and-shoot’s zoom. I don’t think it’s fantastic but I do like how the setting sun is getting a hug from the clouds. I also like how the distortion and graininess make the photo look dreamlike.

lava taken over

Yup. The road is most definitely closed.
Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park, Big Island

If you ever get the chance, visit the outstanding and inspiring Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii. Stay overnight so you have more time to explore and make the trek down to the ocean to see this incredible expanse of solid lava. And take your own silly photo like we did. You’ll be joining a massive club!

the duty of cloth

an envelope of cloth
Tiger Cave Temple, near Krabi Town, Thailand

The lone Thai entry is from one of my favorite spots in Thailand, Tiger Cave Temple outside Krabi Town. I wonder how often these cloth wraps are changed.

If you did the photo challenge this week, how did you approach “enveloped”? What silly or fun shots have you taken over the years on any travels?

7 thoughts on “Surrounds of nature in Hawaii plus a Thai temple

  1. Hi, just wondering re the: ‘Instead of going new’, do you feel that the challenges are too difficult or is it more a lack of time/ photo opportunity? I really notice that blogging is taking up so much more ime than I had anticipated (when starting my blog) that taking on a challenge is something I rarely do.

    • Good point! About picking shots from the archives… in my case, it’s usually lack of time to get out and find something with a little baby burr wrapped around my right (or left) ankle. Ha ha! And yes, I agree. Blogging does take up a huge amount of time. I would love to put more time into it and post more and I always have post ideas and post content composing in my head but never enough time to put it down on paper without losing way too much sleep. 😀

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