Photo Fridays – Hawaiian sunsets with the moon for balance

Hawaii has been on my mind. Hubby and I adored our trip there a couple of years back and really want to take our baby-chan. However, wee one is at an age and stage where long flights seem like a really bad idea.

I don’t think we can fly longer than 6-7 hours. My top choices are Hawaii and Iceland. Which should we choose?!

Well, instead of deciding now, let’s take a look at glorious Hawaiian sunsets.

gorgeous sunset above the clouds

sunset above the clouds
Mauna Kea above the Visitor Information Station, Big Island, Hawaii

Besides Volcanoes National Park, another absolute visit on the Big Island in Hawaii is Mauna Kea. We didn’t have a 4×4 to make the drive to the top but going only as far as the Visitor Information Station was enough.

After watching the sun drop from the sky above the clouds, we hiked back to the visitor centre to see jaw-dropping views of the moon through powerful telescopes. Seeing the moon as we did that night stunned me speechless – its beauty was perfect. I have not looked at the moon the same since.

the moon from Waikiki, Hawaii

planet earth’s gorgeous luna
Waikiki, Honolulu, O’ahu, Hawaii

I can’t remember who took this picture – probably Hitoshi. It turned out better than expected.

It’s likely my imagination but the moon seems closer in Hawaii.

evening sunset play

paradise on earth – cliche but so true
near Kona, Big Island, Hawaii

Our bed and breakfast near Kona was perched up the side of a long mountain. We were far above the ocean but it made for spectacular views. It was such a treat to watch the sun set while lying by the pool and being wooed by the cat.

Hitoshi and the cat danced and played while I took around 60 photos of the sun setting.

sunset, Kona, Big Island, Hawaii


I upped the contrast only a smidgen to cover a bit of vegetation in the foreground. This deep bronzy orange was what the sunset looked like. Seeing it on countless postcards from Hawaii and then in person, the colors were still surprising.

Sunrise or sunset – do you have a preference?

13 thoughts on “Photo Fridays – Hawaiian sunsets with the moon for balance

    • Thank you! Yes, sunsets do have similar qualities. I live in Alberta and with the long summers and short winters, sunsets changes dramatically throughout the year. Sunsets in the mountains are completely different from the prairies with the sun plopping behind the peaks far too soon to see much color. The prairies on the other hand are a swirl of color in the summer but not as much in the winter. We’ve been seeing brilliant pinks and purples lately from our upstairs window but the rest of the sunset is obscured by the houses. Do you have a favorite sunset watching spot? Hope you have a great week!

  1. Great photos – I really like the one of Hitoshi kicking the water. The moon is pretty spectacular too.
    I haven’t been to either country so I can’t comment, but I have heard really good things about Iceland. Of course your decisions will be totally different with a little one in tow. We always choose Thailand for total relaxation and Austria for energising.

    • Thanks, Annette! I love the one of Hitoshi kicking the water, too. Yes! Iceland keeps coming up again and again on my radar. A friend went there in High School 20+ years ago and I’ve been curious ever since. Good ideas about Thailand and Austria! I do want to take my family to Thailand, especially to the community where I was volunteering. And I’ve never been to Austria. What is energizing for you about it?

  2. gorgeous photography. I have always wanted to go to Hawaii. All my children have Hawaiian names, so I should take them to see the place that inspired their names

    • Thank you! That’s interesting that your children have Hawaiian names. How did you choose them? Our child has a Japanese name chosen by my husband. We had many discussions about names and once we found out that everyone and their goldfish had an opinion, we kept our mouths shut until we made our announcement. We also didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl so two names were lined up. 😀

      • My midwife was from Hawaii. I am English, and my husband is Balinese, but we wanted completely neutral names, from neither country, so decided on Hawaii. I love the names, and their meanings too

        • That’s really neat! Aren’t midwives a wonderful option? They are very scarce in some communities in Canada… or perhaps across the country? I hope that the medical decision makers will eventually come around and allow for more access and funding. Women should have the choice! Now off my soapbox… that’s an interesting approach about having neutral names. I love hearing naming stories. Everyone is so different. My friend’s husband wanted their son named after his favorite comedian. Another couple I knew from Italy named their male child Andrea until they moved to Canada found out his name was used for girls. In our case, hubby chose our child’s name. Ours was a long process. I wanted a Japanese name that could have Kanji. The only other stipulation was that it had to be reasonably correctly pronounced in both languages and not sound weird, insulting or bizarre. For example, I love the name Ani but that means ant in Japanese!

          • Yes, I love names and the stories behind them. I had a name book, and spent a long time pouring over it. I chose 2 names I liked, that happened to both start with K, so when we were having our third child, we decided to stick to K, which narrowed down the search a great deal!

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