Photo Fridays – outdoor railway museum in Canada

Train travel seems so dignified and classy. Agatha Christie was responsible for me wanting to ride the Orient Express. Imagine my disappointment when I found out it was no longer running!

My first Canadian train ride that wasn’t at a museum was on Vancouver Island between Courtenay and Nanaimo. That route is no longer running in the state that I took it. The train station was quaint, the car looked like it was lifted from the 1960s with a mint green color scheme and the views were mesmerizing. It took me back to my almost year living in Finland where I never needed a book or music when I took the train. Staring out the window was more than enough.

Third class trains in Thailand were an eye-opening experience. Since I was volunteering and had little money to spare (in my eyes but not relatively speaking), I never tried anything above the bottom. And the bottom still fills me with nostalgia!

Trains were and still are my favorite mode of transport in Japan and that is unlikely to change. I don’t care if it’s a bullet train or a slow, old local train that chugs along before lazily clanking and banging into the station. Japan definitely cemented my love for trains that I didn’t know I had.

A visit to an outdoor railway museum in Alberta left us incredibly impressed with relics from an important part of Canadian history. While commuter trains continue to run regularly in some parts of the country, the classic community connectors that were a normal part of life are long gone. That makes this type of museum all the more special.

This post is my first and very much delayed addition to the Lovely Lucile’s Photo Rehab, “The Clinic”. Thanks again for putting this together, Lucile!

Are trains a part of your life, big or small?

24 thoughts on “Photo Fridays – outdoor railway museum in Canada

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  4. I take the train twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays. It is a bullet train so it is ok. Slower (older) trains in China are anything but dignified or classy. They are more like a chickens pen on wheels xDD

    • Ha ha! Love your description and I’d love to hear more about those trains. If memory serves me, I think I ooed and awed over a train post of yours so I’m going to go have another look. 😀 What is the bullet train like in China? Have you ridden on the ones in Japan? I’m curious about how they compare!

      • Haha, that train in my post was okeish. If you get a bed in the train is not that bad. But if you get a seat ticket on a slow train, that can be quite an adventure. A few years ago I had the stupid idea of travelling by slow train right before Chinese New Year and I was packed like a sardine, surrounded by men spitting on the floor, and a kid with the dirtiest ears I have ever seen (I still remember hahaha). Slow trains also sell standing tickets and before Chinese New Year there is not even a free inch of space inside the train.

        Bullet trains are ok. More modern and less crowded 😉

        I have never been in Japan so I can’t compare!

        • I can imagine how it must have been hard to breathe on such a packed train! I remember not being fond of having my face stuck in someone’s armpit on the super crowded morning trains in Tokyo. Although my hubby assured me that it wasn’t as crowded as it could be. Still, it was much too much for me, especially as the weather started to warm up. When are you going to Japan?! 😀

  5. First of all, welcome to the Photo Rehab, Hillary! I’m honored with your participation. And your entry post is fabulous. I enjoyed it so much!
    I relate to your love for trains. I started liking it when I lived in Switzerland. Until then I did all by car. There I didn’t have one and never regretted. I discovered the pleasure of appreciating the views. How relaxing! If I’d bring books, I would never touch them as I’d be focused outside.
    Thanks much for a wonderful post.

    • Thank you! It’s a real pleasure to finally join. It took me a while to figure out the submission process but it was super easy once I took the plunge.
      A kindred train spirit! I really didn’t know how much passion I had for them until starting this blog and writing train post after train post. They really are a great way to get around… comfortable, you can walk around easily, and again, the view. It’s incredible for me that one, two, three, four hours can pass by so quickly, just staring outside. Sometimes I think but most of the time, my mind is blank and content. The only exception is if it’s completely dark outside or it’s the bullet train on a particularly tunnel-filled route. That’s when I long for more of a view. 🙂

  6. I actually never really took any train rides/ only during some school trips so they never really played a big role for me. In Finland I had to take the past years a train to Helsinki city center every day but that was just a 20min trip without any special scneries 🙂

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