Connecting to nature

Photo 101 continues into week 2. The first theme is connect.

A photo I took earlier in the day before the theme was announced seems to fit “connect” well. I posted the photo in the Bliss and Solitude themed set of photos. It’s here again.

blue ribbon on a post in black and white

remembering a fallen police officer

Flags are still at half mast and the city continues to remember a police officer killed on duty last week. As part of the memorial process, community members tied blue ribbons around lamp posts, street signs, bridges, and playground fences in a show of connection and support for the family of the officer and his colleagues.

Old fashioned connections

When was the last time you received a postcard? Our family got one a few weeks back from a relative on vacation in Hawaii. It was a novel treat to get something in the mail that is so rare these days.

postcard from Hawaii with two turtles connecting

wrinkled postcard arrived

One thing I learned from this photo was the importance of the background. While the counter has interesting texture, I think it’s too busy against the turtles canoodling.

Connecting to nature

After thinking a bit about how I would photograph connect, I settled on nature. It’s something that always recharges me and allows me to connect with humans, if others are around. But it also allows me to connect with myself in terms of grounding me again.

squirrel saying hi

Well, hello there friend! Let’s connect!

This silly squirrel was out doing his/her thing. It was a completely spontaneous experience to get a few shots. At first, I was surprised this little creature wasn’t dashing off. It was only a couple of metres away so I was content simply to watch. When I realized it was staying put, I remember the camera, stuck it on auto and snapped away.

ravine creek

ravine creek

ravine creek in color and a beaver dam

looking the other direction at the results of busy beavers (and a colour shot for variety!)

winding path edged with thick trees

Where will this take me?

Again, with shrinking the image size, some of the sparkly white bits in the background disappeared. I guess that’s the challenge with both the photo editor I’m using and only wanting to post smaller images.

And a couple of practice flower shots, too

a daisy growing on a lawn

lawn daisy

I think the details in the middle and tips of the petals are nice but I would prefer the whole flower to be in focus. It looks more distorted in this shrunk size. Still, going back to the original, it’s odd how the top half of the middle of the flower is blurred while the bottom half with the ant is clear. Yet the top petals are clear and the bottom is blurred. A mystery.

solitary flower in b&w


What works best to refresh you back to your regular self?

5 thoughts on “Connecting to nature

    • Thank you, Lucile! I greatly respect your feedback. I enjoy nature photos and I’m going to stick with this for my b&w project and apply what I learn to other areas instead of trying to tackle it all. 🙂

  1. Beautiful! The flowers are fabulous.
    Refreshing back to your regular self…. I think getting a good nights’ sleep and spending some time alone, just pottering about, then going out with a couple of friends. That realigns me, particularly after a trip…

    • Thank you, dear! Like Lucile, I really respect your feedback. I tried taking some photos of a few other flowers today and I’m looking forward to seeing how they turned out! By the way, my camera seems to be acting up again with the focus. Now, what did I do this time?? 😀
      A good night’s sleep! Oh how I would love that. Baby burr gets lots of good nights. Mommy and daddy are still working on it. 😀 Your approach of sleep, alone time, pottering time, and reconnecting with friends seems like a great way to refresh, especially since your work trips seem pretty intense. Do you have some more big ones coming up? Oh… I was wondering too. Is your travel pretty consistent or is it pretty random?

      • LOL another focus is the dioptic setting – a little dial near the eyepiece that you can adjust if you have bad eyesight. It just adjusts how you see the image but if you’re manually focussing then it’s important to see it properly! Sometimes I bump mine when I put the camera back in my bag, you just have to adjust it back until it looks normal again.
        My travel – it’s totes random. It depends on when my customers need me. Or when the sales team comes up with a little flurry of visits. Off to Melbourne again tomorrow (I was there last week). No big trips planned, just a bunch of little ones to Melbourne and Sydney. X

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