Big bubbles, lovely leaves and warm owls

Mid-week themes for the second week of Photo 101 are big, natural world and warmth.

Big Bubbles

bubble maker

big double bubble

Have you ever seen this type of bubble blower? I grew up with the plain circle-on-a-stick wands that you had to blow your own hot air through to get bubbles.

We also had the homemade giant bubble makers with string threaded through plastic drinking straw “handles”. With those, you dipped the straws and string into a solution in a shallow dish and then slowly lifted your arms up, pulled the straws apart and pulled your mold through the air to create, hopefully, an enormous bubble.

This “Super Miracle Bubbles” machine, apparently, is the new generation. A battery powers a foam-bladed fan behind the two circle molds. It works really well but only if you’ve got the right solution. We ran out of the fluid that came with the blower so I made my own and it really didn’t work well. If you’ve got a first class homemade bubble solution recipe, please share!

big bubble and the popped bits


I had no idea I’d caught the remnants of the burst bubble until after. What a treat!

bubble floating up to space

big sky ahead

Wizard of Oz? Lord of the Rings? Harry Potter? Does this photo remind you of anything?

Natural World

leaves in the sunlight

veins and shadows


owl wind chime

warm steel

I experimented with these owls before in colour from a slightly different angle and with changing contrast after. I’m much happier with this version. Seeing improvement in a record of similar shots is really gratifying!

If you have a blog, have you noticed any changes in your writing, photos, posting or anything else since you started? If not, what’s your favorite movie?

17 thoughts on “Big bubbles, lovely leaves and warm owls

  1. Hilary, I just love the new look of your blog. It is very cool. I am glad you went back to the name Japan Can[ada] Mix – it stands out. And I see you selected the oxygen theme [that was the first theme I used for my blog], but you have put it together way better than I did.

    I am going to give my blog a major overhaul soon, but it will have to wait until the book is finished! One thing at a time!

    • Thanks, Constance! I was trying on a few different themes, including yours, and went back to the one I originally started with a year ago. While it’s not exactly what I want, I’m going to stick with it for a while. I’m looking forward to what you will be doing with your blog, too!

    • Thank you! I really respect your feedback. I went back and looked at the bubble ones and while I like the composition, I think that something more can be done with the contrast. And not in the post-editing. My preference is to take a good picture from the beginning!

    • Thank you and really?! I’d love to know when those electric bubble makers came out. Are you going to get one for Nathan? Does he know about bubbles yet? Our toddler has been fascinated by them and could happily play with the bubble maker every single minute of the day. 😀

      • No idea how long they already exist and somehow I have not the urge to buy one yet as Nathan would create a bubbly mess here in the apartment 😀
        He loves them as well but other than the bubble coming sometimes from his mouth he doesnt know how to create them

        • Ha ha! I missed your comment from a while back. This was about Nathan and a bubble blower. Yes, it took a while for our little peanut to figure out how to blow bubbles through a straw into a glass of milk but once that time came, it was THE highlight of the day, week, month and perhaps even this year. 😀

    • Thank you! It was fun but hard trying to capture them. They just would not stay still. ;D I’d like to try again to see if I can get some more interesting angles or swirls or something unique.

      • That’s a beautiful topic! You really motivated me to finally get a real camera ! Looking forward to admiring your upcoming Bubbles Series 🙂

    • Thank you! I know, eh? Bubbles and childhood seem to go hand in hand. My toddler finds them magical and I’m pretty sure I did too. There’s also something calming and simultaneously fun about them. Did you have a motorized bubble maker? I’m so curious when they first came out as I’d never seen one before a few months ago!

      • I saw them as a teen I think, but never had one. My children absolutely love bubbles. As a matter of fact there is just enough of an amateur scientist in me to make me occasionally fascinated by them too. Viscosity and such affecting daily life.

    • Thanks! It was so fun to see all those little popped bubble bits. Now I want to try and get it again but of course, those bubbles just refuse to pop on command. ;D How is Photo 101 going for you? I’m still stuck on the “mystery” theme.

      • I’m stumbling through this course. I see I need to get out a little more and be more observant so I can take better photos.

        But, all in all, I am getting a feel for it, so the next time this course comes around, I will be taking it again. 😉

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