Tough mystery

Friday’s theme for week 2 of Photo 101 was mystery.

Arrrrrrgh! I struggled and struggled. Maybe I’ve been tired or overthinking this or simply became temporarily uninspired.

My first attempt was inspired by murder mysteries à la Agatha Christie. I artfully “knocked over” the metronome on to the piano keys.

Then I thought about shadows and darkness and got, well, shadows and darkness and not much else.

Moving to the next room for inspiration, I took some fuzzy pictures of a carved stone face of an unknown man. He lay cleverly angled on a wood side table with a prominent grain.

I tried again on Father’s Day (Happy Belated Your Day to all the dads out there!) and achieved some potentials.

cob web on a lamp

Where is the spider? It’s a mystery.

textured curtains

What’s beyond?
(inspired by another curtain post I saw on a blog I can’t recall)

Random ones also made the cut.

water droplet covered grape tomato

Yup. My quest to photograph food in b&w continues.

water droplets on glass


glossy bubble on a blower


A leftover from my mini bubble series.

If I am inspired later with mystery, I’ll give this theme another shot.

Have you ever been stuck on something to the point of paralysis and everything you tried felt more and more ridiculous? I’m sure we all have. What’s your most memorable?

28 thoughts on “Tough mystery

    • Thank you! Ha ha! I love it – “this black and white business”. And I find it interesting that the post I was most blah about is one of your favorites. Actually, I’ll be honest. I really don’t feel confident critiquing my own photos yet. Of course, there are ones I like but then I’ll stare at some over and over and think, what the heck was I planning on doing with this one?! Do you ever find that with your photos?

  1. Mystery is a difficult one – I have to admit that if I don’t have the right photo for a theme I tend not to submit anything. That is a bit difficult with the photo course though.

    • Thanks, DB! I like the patterns on the curtain and the light and especially since it’s so hard to see what’s on the other side. I believe they are from IKEA. Does that break the spell? ;D

    • Oh gosh, yes. I used to be really good at creatively interpreting abstraction but ever since becoming a perpetually sleep-deprived mama, the best I can do is straight up literal. 😀

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