A wander around Alberta – Photo 101 Week 3 Collection

Unexpected car repairs, planned road trips, and coming home to a backed up sewer made life the last week pretty exciting. Amongst all that jazz was a photo or two.

A Pop of Colour 

Alberta rose

Alberta’s provincial flower, the wild rose, Strathcona County

Sherwood Park, Alberta

parking spot for those in a wheelchair or with limited mobility

Delicious Pho sign

pop of black and white Sherwood Park, Alberta

Architecture and Monochrome

Calgary, Alberta library

Calgary’s oldest library, Memorial Park Branch

Moment and Motion

Calgary, Alberta

frozen jump, Memorial Park, Calgary, Alberta

I learned the importance of contrast in clothing from this picture.

Calgary Alberta's Memorial Park

frozen water, Memorial Park, Calgary

Scale and Observation

Calgary, Alberta's Barb Scott Park

big crane – small sculpture, Barb Scott Park, Calgary

big clouds - small townhouse, Calgary

big clouds – small townhouse, Barb Scott Park, Calgary


Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada

Forget Me Not Pond – Unforgettable!

Forget Me Not Pond, Kananaskis, Alberta

Forget Me Not Pond, Kananaskis, Alberta

Have you had any unexpected surprises the last while? Did you go with the flow or throw up your hands?

20 thoughts on “A wander around Alberta – Photo 101 Week 3 Collection

  1. Such gorgeous photos. The jump one is pretty cool.

    Oh, and your photos reminded me of the road trip my husband and I took from Calgary to Jasper and back one fall. We took so many breathtaking images like your ‘forget me not’ pond one that we need to do it again.

    • Thanks, Constance! Oh you really must come back to Alberta. Well, not know, unless you’re okay with super dry heat and forest fires. It’s so sad. I know fires are a regular part of forest life and happen every year but I figure that some of these are not and with it being so dry, it’s an ongoing problem. Did you happen to see the larches when you came?

    • Definitely. You really must visit Alberta. There is so much to see and do and so much gorgeous scenery that changes quite radically through all the different zones. You must have been before though as a mini Carissa?

      • Been through Alberta oodles of time! Last was there 3 years ago for a cousin’s wedding. My parents decided to rent a car partly so we could get around and partly so we could take a scenic drive to the mountains so my partner could get a taste of that crazy gorgeous part of Canada. 🙂 Two other memorable trips was another relatives wedding at Lake Louise and a conference where I then went on a road trip through not only Alberta but also BC wine estates, reservations south of the border and more…

          • The only constant in life is change. 😉 However don’t see Alberta being an immediate priority… I’ve promised my partner that our next trip to Canada will be timed with some kind of event that is completely HIS choice – fringe fest, jazz fest, etc. It was amusing this trip that we caught up in Toronto with an old friend of his 20 years to the day from when they opened the play “Come back to the forum Guy Lafleur, Guy Lafleur” as part of the Toronto Fringe Fest!

            • What?!!!! *stunned silence* Okay, I’ve forgiven you and so has Alberta. He he he… 😀 That sounds like a great idea! Canada bursting array of festivals and events big and small year round should have something to suit your partner, right?

  2. Oh gosh – I hope you got everything sorted. No unexpected surprises for me last week, thankfully. I love the black and white photo of the lake. I know it is not exactly the same photo as the colour one, but the trees are so much more striking in the black and white version. The frozen fountain is great too!

    • Thank you! We did. The basement no longer stinks of raw sewage, the only thing left to repair on the car is the windshield from the egg-sized rock that a semi flung in my direction the day I found out about the $600 surprise repair on the struts and… was there something else? ;D
      I loved the fountain one. Hitoshi is a great sport at jumping for me in many ways…. well, he usually initiates it so I guess I’m the good sport. I agree too. I love the trees in the b&w photo. I have at least 50 photos of the lake from that day and would happily post all of them at some point. That reminds me… Scotland has such impressive mountains and hills. I imagine you must have a gorgeous collection of photos??

      • We don’t have as many as you would think. Our lives have always seemed so busy that we don’t get into the mountains as often as we would like.

        • Ah yes. That was like me in Tokyo. I was in the middle of this incredible place and I had to *plan* just to get out the door to see some things. And living in Calgary too, we never got to the mountains as much as I thought we would.

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