Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award

At the beginning of the month, Carissa over at Everyday Asia nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award. Thank you, Carissa!

I love her blog. Her writing is solid, her stories are funny and she sticks to her blog name with everyday topics. From disintegrating shoes in India’s heat and humidity to horrible investment options, the idea of quiet in different locales to immigration headaches, she covers it all.


Carissa’s Questions

As part of accepting the award, Carissa has questions for me and the other women she’s nominated.

1. What are your favourite rainy day activity(ies)? Getting out and enjoying it!

2. If you had to transmogrify into an animal – which and why? A salmon. The backstory is in the link.

3. What TV shows or films currently keep you amused or engaged? None in the traditional sense. In the real sense? My toddler!

4. What makes you howl in frustration? Stupidity. Ignorance. Righteousness. False accusations of cultural misappropriation. Racist comments.

5. And what makes you jump up and dance for joy? My hubby’s laugh. My toddler hugging me around my knees. A surprisingly good homemade meal. A great song.

6. What were you up to 10 years ago? 2005. Good times. I was training for a half marathon, getting ready to quit my admin job, planning a trip to New Zealand and Australia, finalizing details to volunteer in Thailand and changing the direction of my life.

pink flower about to open

7. In a perfect world, where will you be and what will you be doing 10 years from now? Working from home, taking stellar photos, splitting the year between homes in Canada and Japan, having two silly billy kids running around, and contributing to making someone else’s life better.

8. What’s the worst play / live performance you have ever seen? (as in shudder!) I remember a high school play I saw after I’d finished high school that I was desperate to escape from. Another was seeing Blue Rodeo live in 1992 with the lead looking so grumpy and angry. It was tough to watch and even harder to enjoy the great music.

9. What CD is in your player / song on your iPod / streaming…  you get it! Nothing personally although Sharon, Lois and Bram is on the record player.

10. What is the most useless thing you packed and never ever actually used when traveling or shifting to another place? Nothing comes to mind. Well, this is not unusual since I become a mother. But I do remember forgetting more than I remembered. When I moved to Japan, I focused primarily on getting my snowboard packed. I’d already been on the road for the previous year and packed as if I was still in that mindset as opposed to moving somewhere to work.

growing over time

My nominations (but more blog highlights)

Part of the award is nominating other blogs. I decided to instead highlight a few blogs I like. I’m not expecting you three to do anything with the nomination other than hopefully being on the receiving end of a few new visitors.

Clare & Dean — If you want to know about back corners and interesting bits of Australia, Clare is the woman to go to. She’s been exploring her home country of Australia with her husband from the comforts of their camper and occasionally staying put for longer stretches house sitting.

Life n’ Whatnot — Sandra is a Canadian living in Norway. I recently came across her blog. I love her easygoing writing style and what she has to say.

Sakura Junction — Mutsumi is from Japan and lives in London. What attracted me to her blog was the interesting and unique topic of making Japanese sweets.

tree on blue

Questions for readers of this post

1. What’s a hobby you used to be really enthusiastic about but don’t do anymore?

2. What’s your top piece of advice you seem to keep giving others?

3. What do you hope will change or stay the same in the next ten years?

Thanks again, Carissa! I love the idea of focusing on women in the blogging world and it feels great to be recognized.

13 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award

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  2. Thank you Hilary, and I must say this is not only a huge surprise, but also very humbling to be awarded recognition as opposed to a nomination. 🙂 You are lovely – and very thoughtful.

    • Absolutely! I plan to do a post on my favorite SL&B songs. Did you know Lois passed away earlier this year? Very sad to hear. There was a lovely article in the Globe and Mail about her and her work.

      Yes! Hitoshi and I have talked about the split many times and plan to see it through eventually.

  3. I was relaxed and enjoying reading this post until the nominations! What? I was nominated? I’m overwhelmed but OK, thanks Hilary. I’ll give a go.

  4. Thanks for the mention! 🙂
    And I like your answer for #1. Considering how much it rains here year round I should try and do the same instead of my usual reaction of “Ugh… not again… “.

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