Wings and legs – bugs close up

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Close Up

Ah, the macro setting. For me, it is true love. To see teeny details makes my heart skip a beat.

resting bee


wings of a resting bee

gorgeous wings

I’m still stunned this bee was simply hanging out. I don’t know enough about the buzzy creatures to know why. Perhaps it was close to kicking the thimble?

Occasionally a back leg would move and it crept forward a millimetre or two, but otherwise, it lay still, nestled into soft yellow petals.

delicate insect

fine shadows

This creature was hiding under the lid of the garbage area at the back of the yard. Growing up, we called them daddy longlegs.

This was a tough insect to capture in black and white because of its delicate features and the blazing evening sun. I’d like to try again if I get the chance.

Do you have a thing for close-ups or do you prefer the big picture?

29 thoughts on “Wings and legs – bugs close up

        • I’m super excited… today I found out a local store offers free photography workshops every month. I’m going to finally find out what’s up with my light meter and other manual settings that keep overexposing my photos. Hurrah! And did you know Aug 19 is World Photography Day? Who knew?! I’m going in for a macro tutorial that day as I’ll be getting a macro lens soon. Eeeeee!

            • Gack! Time sure flies when your spouse and then you are sick. 😀 Still sick on my end but thankfully Hitoshi is finally back to his old genki (Japanese for energy-filled or just plain old good) self. Yahoo! Isn’t WPD a neat idea? I have no idea how long it’s been going for. Maybe I’ll have to find out. Had you heard of it before?

  1. I would love to get a macro lense for my camera however for me it is just not worth it as I wouldnt do enough with it. A good friend of me is breeding lizzards, tiny shrimps and the like and takes wonderful closeups with his macro lense 🙂

    • 😀 I wonder if you are simply being humble. Interestingly, the WP challenge writer said that any camera can do macro. I put that question out there to those more experienced than I (and owning a macro lens) to find out! I don’t have one. The lens on our DSLR is 18-55. And that sounds so neat… what your friend is going! What kind of lizards??

        • We went to the store today to look at macro lens for me and we didn’t have time to give them a good look but we’ll try again on the weekend. The staff offered to attached one to a body so I can understand better what it does. I had no idea a macro lens also was telephoto! I was also excited since I found out the store offers regular free photography workshops so hopefully some of my questions and problems with my camera can be sorted out… finally!

          • Yeah some shops are really great. We have also one in the city offering free courses for different brands. I have myself a Sony camera and I highly doubt that I know even half of the stuff the camera can do 😀

            • Ha ha! So true about not knowing what’s up with your camera. There are what seems endless settings on our Nikon and I frankly have no patience to sift through anything that isn’t obvious. Hitoshi is looking at one of the Sony models I think… which do you have? He might have some questions for you!

                • I asked Hitoshi and he’s interested in a different camera but he knows about the Sony. Ha ha! I think he’s still upset with his old Vaios that he’s made a mini ban on anything Sony. Is the alpha pretty popular in Germany? Hitoshi was saying it uses a German-made lens???

                  • I think it is not the most popular brand for cameras as that goes still to Nikon however they made much progress over the past years. In German “technic” magazins the Sony cameras are getting pretty good results these days and when I bought my the Sony Alpha 58 was ranked as the best beginner camera (and has still got rankings though its over 2 1/2 years old now)

                    • Neat! I checked out the Alpha and it does look like a great camera. It would be even more fun to try one out in the store. I’ll have to check for models in that line the next time we’re at the camera shop. Hitoshi’s brother was here recently and he has a Canon body with a sigma lens. It was a gorgeous combo and took great shots but man… so heavy!

                    • Yeah, those cameras can be heavy especially when you go for the more expertish, expensive cameras starting at 1000dollars.
                      I recommend getting a shoulder strap for the cam rather than the standard neck version. Having the alpha 58 hanging for even 30min will leave you with a sore neck! (Don’t have a shoulder strap but few friends got it, I have a camera back in which I also carry a video cam )

  2. Lucky you getting a laid back bee. I tried much the same thing yesterday but just ended up chasing a few from flower to flower. I’ve become a fan of close-ups as of late. It really is fascinating what you notice when you take the time to get up close.

    • Oh, isn’t it?! Both to amazing details in the little bits of life as well as stationary bees! Do you know anything about why it might be sitting still for so long? This is the first time in my life I’ve ever experienced this.

      • I’ve honestly no idea, I’ve never seen that happen either. The bees I’ve seen have all been buzzing about pretty well. I even remember seeing one recently flying about normally on a really windy day. Tree limbs were thrashing about wildly but it was just going on about it’s business as usual. Impressive really.

        • Oh yes! That really is. I’ve occasionally seen that type of thing with birds, lazily gliding on the drafts while the rest of the world races to lash down the hatches. I thought of you chasing bees today when I was trying to take a picture of a wasp. Now, anything to do with wasps is risky in my books but it seemed more intent on sucking the sap out of some sort of pine. I was surprised! I didn’t think that was a possibility but it made sense after I thought about it for a bit.

    • Oh yes… I do. 😀 I was, of course, thinking of you when this challenge came up. So… have you noticed that you can really do a lot more with a macro lens? I’m curious, especially with the comment in the challenge about being able to take macro photos with any camera.

      • Yep I use it all the time! Great for portraits as well, you just have to get further away!
        Most cameras have a Macro setting (the little flower symbol) which tells the camera that you want to shoot something closer than usual and it usually opens the aperture right up to let lots of light in.
        On DSLRs you can add extension tubes which are much cheaper but allow you to get macro shots. Not as good as a macro lens but they can still be very good from what I’ve read.

        • Neat! Guess what?! We went looking at macro lens today for a certain someone’s big day soon… he he he… and while we didn’t have time to do the whole demo, we’re going back on the weekend. They’ll put a macro lens on a body and let me try it out in the store. And… the store offers *free* photography classes! I’ll be going back for a macro workshop and another on finding out why my light meter and other manual settings aren’t working properly. Suuuuuper excited.

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