Swoon-worthy flowers

pale pink fuchsia flower


Two pots of flowers hanging on the front porch have been an obsession this summer.

They are perfect inspiration for taking photos, especially hanging at eye level.

pale pink fuchsia flower


One set is barely there pale pink and the other is a hot fuchsia, which happens to be the name of these gorgeous blooms.

pink flower about to open


hot pink fuchsia flower


white fuchsia flowers


What’s been inspiring you lately?

18 thoughts on “Swoon-worthy flowers

    • Yes! Me, too. I had *no* idea the flowers were called fuchsia. Ha ha! Are you any good with flower names or do you just enjoy flowers as they are? Some of my relatives are walking encyclopaedias of flowers. Amazing! The only flowers I can usually identify with confidence are roses, orchids, poppies and tulips. 😀

      • I’m not good with flowers names at all ! A few years ago, I was really good because I had to study a lot of them for my botany course at university, but weirdly, I’ve forgotten everything ! But I know some of my favourite ! 🙂 Including fuchsia 🙂

        • Isn’t that the case? When I took anatomy, I remembered everything but not well. That was a really stressful course for me. I was good with bones and sinuses but when it came time to learn the muscles, I saw 600+ and fell over. I also wasn’t smart and took the sport med intro class the next year and while I could wrap and tape limbs no problem, when I was quizzed on details of muscle bits and pieces, I had no clue.

            • And after having a child, the mind gets rid of just about everything. ;D How *are* you by the way?! My last month has been tag-you’re-it illnesses (now it’s the toddler’s turn… again :D), a work injury, a Japan family visit, future planning and possible moves… as Hitoshi and I were chatting tonight, life happens and it’s best to hang on and enjoy the ride. 😀

              • I’m very busy, extremely busy (jewellery making), and I can’t find time to update my blog, reply to emails or even plan my future trip to Taiwan (in November). It’s to illustrate how busy I am. crazy. Crazy busy.

                I’ll try to come back here often, because I miss the interaction with people and I like documenting my travels.

                where do you plan to move ?

                • Hi again months later! How are you and your jewelry shows going/went? I need to check out your blog. It’s been ages and ages. Wow! It looks like you and me are following the same blogging timeline! How was Taiwan? Okay, that’s enough questions. Take care! p.s. we were going to move back to Calgary but we’re staying in Edmonton for a bit longer. Once our upcoming dream is looking like reality, I’ll make an announcement!

                  • The craft fairs have been good, it’s coming to an end slowly (as being so close to xmas, people are done with their gifts and it’s getting slower).

                    Taiwan was fabulous, need to post about it but before then I have 3 months of little getaways to share with my readers, you will have to be patient :p

                    Oh that’s sounds exciting !!! let us know

    • Thanks much, Lucile! That’s high praise coming from you. I’m really excited about two photography workshops I’m going to next week. It’s inspiring to have the online connections but to chat with people in the flesh about their photos and techniques might take be a whole new world. 😀

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