My pic was picked! Plus the ones that weren’t.


By some miracle, a photo I submitted to a WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge with the theme of Off-Season was chosen… (drum, drum, drum) as one of four “favorites” by Krista from WordPress. And there were over 500 responses!

Incredibly, my photo was also chosen as the banner photo for the post. Wow!

I’m still not quite comprehending this. It feels great to be chosen! I also appreciated Krista’s lovely comments about my photo.

This has been a nice confidence booster and another nudge to continue raising my bar.

community skating rink in Canada off season

don’t forget your skates!

And the pics that weren’t

Hitoshi and I entered photos for the local Japanese Consulate’s photo contest. The purpose was to find great photos to be used in future advertising for getting people connected to Japan.

The theme for this second year was “My Encounter with Japan”. I wasn’t sure how to interpret this.

While our photos were not chosen, I’ve got a better idea of what they are looking for. We’ll try again next year!

somewhere in Ibaraki, Japan

Going home

Power lines are an ever-present part of Japan and fill me with nostalgia. I took this photo on the way back to my in-laws’ home in Ibaraki Prefecture in August 2012. We were returning from a road trip to a very quiet Fukushima.


Waiting for Spring by Hitoshi
Miyoshinji Temple, Kyoto, February 2014

The photo contest said that photos could be taken from anywhere in the world. How would you interpret “Encounter with Japan”?

23 thoughts on “My pic was picked! Plus the ones that weren’t.

    • Thank you! By the way, I’m enjoying your new theme! The header photo is gorgeous. Well, I have to be honest. I *loved* your previous one. It was so unique and I always wanted to know more about the photo. Where was it taken? What are those? Was it hot outside? So colorful! With your new theme, I love the font, big photos and cool way your content is organized into featured posts, posts from different regions and then the tech ones at the bottom. It’s fun to scroll through and get a taste of what you offer.

    • Thank you! Ha ha… glad to hear I’m not the only one who was baffled by the “encounter with Japan” theme. I don’t think it’s a lacking creativity thing or at least that’s the story I’m sticking with. Whenever I think of “encounter” I think of aliens or shaking hands or stumbling onto a long lost pyramid. I think the other challenge was finding photos that fit the theme instead of taking a photo to fit the theme. The latter is easier! Hitoshi says our photos were toooooo Japan. 😀 My mom told me after our photos weren’t chosen that she thought the same thing. Who knows, eh? By the way, I’ve also been confused by some of the WordPress photo challenge themes. It’s not that I *can’t* be creative or understand ambiguity or metaphor but sometimes my default setting of hardcore literal is hard to dial down. 😀

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