Reblogged: The Mystery of Y Shaped Land

“The Mystery of Y Shaped Land” is the third installment in reblogging posts from Hitoshi’s blog, Gozumezu.

Hitoshi’s blog is focused on “sharing Japanese mysteries” including those he grew up hearing.

I never had the privilege to meet his maternal grandmother but I would have loved to. She passed on special knowledge, stories and beliefs to Hitoshi that were important to her.

While we won’t ever know the reasons behind her wisdom, I feel it’s still important to record the impressions she left with Hitoshi to keep the sharing alive.


“Find Y shaped land and then bury him there.” My grandma told me this when my puppy died over 20 years ago.

One Sunday afternoon, my puppy got food poisoning and died in an awful way. I was so sad but that’s the life so I decided to bury him somewhere.

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