22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless

    • Thanks! Picmonkey is great now that I’ve figured out a few things. For this last set of pics, now I set the image size as King Kong (or whatever their largest size is) and save the images in the largest file size. I didn’t seem to have the same problems this time around. Yay!

      • Picmonaey was a great tip! I keep my tinkering simple so it is mostly just to add the website… a lot of my older pics are starting to pop up being borrowed by others without any due nod… The thought of going back into old pics already published is beyond me! But at least those going out into the universe now have the text of the website at least thanks to your suggestion. 🙂

        • No worries! Picmonkey is very easy with adding text. I’ve also done it with MS Paint but it’s cumbersome. Haven’t tried in Lightroom yet… oh lightroom. 😀

          I’m not sure about a Mac but with PC in Windows Explorer, right-click on a photo, Properties/Details/and hover over Copyright and type in whatever you want. At least this way the data becomes a permanent (theoretically) part of the file and you can also do batch copyrighting.

          I’ve read so much about the pros and cons of watermarking. Some say it’s ugly and others say it’s necessary for the handful who can be swayed not to steal Plus the free advertising! Apparently though, there’s software to remove watermarks or simply cut them out of the picture. But I figure those would be used by people who think your photo can be printed and sold.

          And then there are the legions of people who think anything that comes up in a Google search is legit to use. Where do people get this idea?!

          The most common hint I’ve seen is to resize to the point where making it bigger or printing it would turn the photo into a mess but big enough to see the general idea… say 800×600 or smaller. The max I usually do is 1000×800 or so if the 800 version is blurry. Picmonkey makes resizing easy too… but alas, you have go one at a time, at least in the free version.

          That’s annoying that your pics are being lifted. I’ve seen some of mine on really weird photo stock sites. And I agree! Going back to watermark or add copyright to photos already up is not going to happen but like you said, at least I feel like I’ve done something going forward with the ones that are up there.

          • You are my pic guru in all things!!! I’m such a neophyte when it comes to these things. Alas Mac isn’t quite so easy… I still miss my dead Samsung Ultrabook that was ultra easy for all sorts of things. However am ever so grateful for the stability and reliability of my Mac so.. toss up!

            • Yahoo! Two weeks of illness almost done, ‘cept the wee one caught something a few days ago. 😦 Anyway, I sure can understand missing a dead laptop. My Toshiba didn’t die but some sort of wire between the body and screen wouldn’t send messages anymore. I was soooo crushed when I handed it over to the recycling guy. That computer gave me eight years of good service. I wasn’t as impressed with my work mac. I actually found it buggy, which was so against everything I’d heard. By the way, how do you find your computers in the heat and humidity of India?! I was amazed my computer didn’t fizzle under my sweaty hands in the summer.

              • Yeah!! Welcome (almost) back to the land of healthy living! And hope the wee one bounces back quickly too. 🙂

                Electronics anywhere along the coast struggle. More than the heat, its the humidity that wrecks havoc. Don’t laugh – but I’ve had to replace the motherboard on my washing machine over a half dozen times!

                My MacBook Air has been remarkably stable and reliable. (and I hope I haven’t jinxed it by saying that!!!!) However it was tough adjusting to the limitations of Mac Microsoft applications after my Samsung Ultrabook died.

                • ha ha! That’s hilarious about the motherboard in your washing machine! That’s something I never would have even considered. What’s the machine like? I was fascinated by the machines in Thailand… now, this was 10 years ago but most I saw were large rectangular boxes. You threw your clothes in, closed the lid, if there was one, and turned it on. (Pretty sure there was no motherboard. :D) Clothes got swished around and it was more convenient than handwashing. My Japan machine was similar in shape and with a flimsy lid on top but it took things up a notch with beeps, bops, and unusual settings that I never used (I memorized one cycle).

                  Interesting about limitations with the Mac applications! I got a Mac for work and honestly, after the years of raving I’d heard about Macs and there higher beingness, I was not impressed.

                  • One of these days I should write about adventures in washing machines. 😉 Ours is a massive thing – more than double what we would have in Canada, makes a racket but does do a decent job of cleaning – and I do use the different cycles. Everything comes out completely wrinkled so keeps the press wallah happily employed!

                    In all of this my partner remains blissfully ignorant. He still believes in the underwear fairies that magically transform dirty undies into clean ones that poof! Appear in his cupboard when needed.

                    Macs? Lost their earlier magic – once upon a time they were waaaaay ahead in terms of user friendliness. Now? Meh!

                    • And how I’ve burned through oh… about 5 motherboards so far?? Wish I had a pic of my old washing machine. I bought it when it already had lasted 7 years then merrily supported my needs for 7 more before finally on attaining 15 years decided it had enough.

                      My biggest challenge these days is being just too darn busy! Chasing potential work projects and going to oodles of events plus starting travel again… will be off to Delhi later today (after a bachelors party for a gent getting married in Mexico not Mumbai!).

                    • Yikes! Can you draw?? 😀 15 years is impressive for an appliance though!

                      Ya! But you’re still doing so well cranking out those great posts of yours! I’m impressed. Enjoy your travels and good luck with drumming up more business!

  1. Oh gosh, ewwwww.. warning, warning.. you should post spider warning post 😀 I can’t really look at it in details I’m sorry 😀 But I think it’s a good choice of picture for the weightless challenge. I feel relieved these days because I managed to find a job (haven’t signed the contract yet) but I think it’s going to happen

    • Thanks, Clare! Have you ever seen a difference adding your pics to your WordPress site? The spider one looks great on my laptop and the text watermark is not blurry. As soon as I put in on my blog, the text looked blurry. I can’t figure out why??

        • Ah… yes, image size might have something to do with it. I used to use an ancient software to shrink my pics after the fact and used picmonkey for this latest one. I was surprised how small the file size was after I started trying to find out what was up with my fuzzy text.

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