Longplay kitchen house music dance party

If you’ve got a kitchen, then you can have a kitchen party, even if you’re the only guest.

And it’s no party without fabulous tunes to move to!

Before we get into a few solid sets, two sites that dance music fans have to check out are Boiler Room and DanceTrippin.

Boiler Room is a fabulous site to immerse yourself in fantastic sets of all types of dance music. You can sift through the huge archive of videos and even download audio files. There’s a clear search button on the top of the home page.

DanceTrippin is another huge collection of dance music. To search, click on the Video icon at the bottom of the homepage and then look for the small search field in the middle of the next page.

Now let’s get to the tunes!

DJ Muro & DJ Nori play two hours of phenomenal house music entirely on 7-inch records. The best feature of this set is the style – it’s fun to groove to but smooth enough for background music. The set was recorded in Tokyo in November 2015.

Joris Voorn‘s set recorded at We Love in Space Ibiza is a really fun, super funky and very danceable one-hour set. It’s too fast for dinner music but great for keeping momentum up working and showing off your best moves in the kitchen! It was recorded in July 2011 and Joris is a PC DJ.

Back to the old style from the ones who’ve been doing it not just for years, but decades, Boiler Room hosts Kenny Dope Gonzales and Louie Vega. The two play an hour and a half of feel good house. This set was recorded in London in August 2014.

new headphones

Hitoshi’s new headphones debuting in our tiny Tokyo kitchen, circa 2008

Do you have a great set you love? Share it in the comments! Hitoshi and I are always looking for more music to enjoy.

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