Viennetta in Canada… in 2016!

Viennetta is an outstanding and addictive frozen “cake” of ice cream layered with crunchy dark chocolate.

Vanilla is the best flavour although chocolate and a few other flavours are available.

The second last time I ate it was in 1997.



In Finland.

I had seen it in Canada around that time but never bought it. It was too expensive for my very limited student budget.

Abracadabra… poof!

And then Viennetta disappeared from Canadian stores! Gone. Gone. Gone.

I think this disappearing act elevated an already seriously delicious treat to one of mythical status.

Desperation set in! People could not stand it anymore!

The public dreamed of this treat, drooled when they thought about it and became manic. How will we survive without Viennetta?!

There are blog posts, a Facebook page and even a petition where people ask, plead and beg to get Viennetta back in stores in North America.

In Alberta, Chapman’s and Nestlé make their own takes on the original. Unfortunately, disappointing is an understatement – they don’t come even close.

When I lived in Japan, I saw Viennetta but I didn’t bother buying it. (I know. I know.)  My love was strongest for Parm ice cream and a few other brands. Really, there are so many fantastic ice cream products in Japan that it’s impossible to walk away without something good every shopping trip.

Parm ice cream box

My beloved Parm!

Is Viennetta back in Canada??

Back in April 2016, we went to T & T, a very popular Asian food store in Canada. While their ice cream section has some staples, the stock can change quickly.

Today we found Viennetta! It took a nanosecond to decide to buy it.

We didn’t care that it was imported from Japan and would be at a premium. Cost wasn’t even an issue!

We also didn’t care that we still had more shopping to do and our precious ice cream cake might melt in the car.

After years and years and years, we were so close to munching down on a treasured classic dessert.

We somehow held ourselves back during lunch before pouncing on the box. Truth be told, it had to go in the freezer to resurrect any semi melted layers of crispy chocolate.

It only took a second of eye contact with Hitoshi to decide to have a slice of that ice cream cake as soon as we finished lunch instead of waiting for after dinner.

And it took a mere minute or two to finish off the cake after we’d had those first few bites.

Viennetta box and slice of ice cream cake

Thank you, T & T!

We have no idea how long the cakes will be in stock. Heading back to T & T tomorrow to buy every box on the shelf is the only reasonable thing to do.

Did you grow up eating Viennetta before having it suddenly disappear, never to be seen again at your local grocery store? Are you one of the lucky ones living somewhere in the world where you can eat Viennetta every single day if you want to?

July 2016 Update – Viennetta disappeared again shortly from T&T after April 2016. A reader found Viennetta in a BC store in late June and hubby did another check and… it’s back! Who knows for how long but we’re going to dig into some tonight.

30 thoughts on “Viennetta in Canada… in 2016!

  1. I just asked a social media account from the Brand.

    From Unilever: ‘You’re right, Breyers® is no longer producing Viennetta. Many factors contribute to a decision to discontinue a product, but they all boil down to the fact that we didn’t sell enough of the flavour to keep producing it. We’re sorry to have disappointed you!’

  2. So happy to find this post! I was just thinking about this and have been researching where to get it now that it is discontinued in Canada. Which t and t did you go to? I’m hoping we can get it in BC.

    • Hi there! Many apologies for taking months and months and months to reply to your question. We bought Vienetta in Edmonton but perhaps BC T&T stores might have it?? We went back to see if the Edmonton stores had it but nope… it’s gone. We’re going to check again this month. Good luck with your search! Maybe if enough of us beg and plead with T&T staff, they’ll bring more in. 😀

      • Hi! After reading this post, I went to my local T&T in May and they had it! I got it in Surrey. They had vanilla and chocolate flavour for 7.99 each. I got it on sale at 5.99. I was so happy about it.

        The last time I was at the T&T, which was last week, they still have it! Maybe come visit Vancouver some time to haul some back to Edmonton? 😀

  3. I haven’t looked in quite a while, but I’m sure it’s still readily available in Australia, but of course, that also depends on where you live and ‘who’ you local supermarket is. Always loved the crack of the chocolate, it’s like nothing else.

    • Agreed! The crack in the Vienetta chocolate was so yummy! We went back to the store where we bought a pile of cakes back in the Spring and each time, there’s been none. boo hoo! We’ll try again on our next trip. What flavours are available in AU?

      • I think we only have vanilla, but it’s been a long time since I looked. Maybe they have other flavours, but I’ve never noticed in the past.

    • Yes! We went back to T&T to check for Vienetta again more recently but it’s gone, gone, gone. Is ice cream or some sort of frozen dessert popular where you are in India? I was fascinated by this salty, sweet, semi-frozen orangy drink that came in a plastic bag sealed with an elastic and a straw stuck through the side in Thailand. It tasted awful but I think if I had it enough, it would become strangely addictive.

      • There is an ice cream place called ‘Naturals’ that is quite popular as they use a lot of natural fresh fruits when is season. Some are quite yum!

        Pity about Vienetta’s disappearance…

        • That sounds good! I tried jackfruit ice cream in Thailand and was surprised how many people I came across that couldn’t stand the stuff. I can’t remember what people didn’t like about it. Ah well… food is a personal preference. I still can’t bring myself to eat dragon fruit. It looks so lovely but something about the taste turns me off.

          • Yeah jackfruit is a good combo! I don’t mind dragon fruit. However one of the best fruit / ice cream combos is custard apple – yum! Whereas I may like fresh papaya but in my ice cream? Doesn’t do it for me. As you say, personal taste. 😉

  4. I grew up with Vienetta being available anywhere in the Netherlands. We used to have it for dessert at Christmas. I live in the UK now and I think they sell it here as well, not quite sure though. I guess I’ve been taking it for granted, seeing as how many people wanted it in Canada and couldn’t get it.

    • 😀 Yes! It’s easy to take something for granted when something is so common. Like when I lived in Tokyo and forgot to visit touristy type places because I walked past them everyday. Alas, the store where we could find Vienetta in the spring now isn’t carrying it again. Boo hoo! And on another note, I’ll have to check your blog to see what you’ve been up to the last several months.

    • Oh yes! Please buy me 16 Vienetta cakes and enjoy them all for me and my family. Even our little one wants a taste but the store that we bought them from in the spring doesn’t have them in stock anymore. 😦 And I hope things are going well for you during this countdown time!

    • 😛 Nooooo! Well, if you can get Viennetta “nearly everywhere”, then I command you to buy one a day for the next month and enjoy them for me and my family. 😀 I’ve never tried the mint. Hmmm… The store where we bought them in the spring isn’t selling them again. They only had vanilla and chocolate.

  5. I just found this funny – and fascinating – video on how Viennetta is made

    Also, I remembered that there used to be a chocolate version but that wasn’t as good. Think it was before 1997 that I had that one!

  6. Haven’t had Viennetta in years!
    Later than 1997 though, as I have definitely eaten it here in the UK but when?
    I think it is still sold here but maybe hidden behind the flux of other ice-cream goodies on offer. That said, I will look out for it next time as – although not the best ice cream dessert ever eaten – it certainly is one that’s addictive…. I seem to recall the ‘cake’ never lasted beyond one evening…

    • Yes! Our family tried to ration one of the Viennettas and that lasted about 3 seconds. I’m still sad that the local store that carried it doesn’t but we’ll stay hopeful. And I can just watch that video over and over and over…. maybe. 😀

  7. I haven’t had a Viennetta for years! Might have to go out and get one tomorrow… I don’t know about Canada, but in the UK they were always brought out by grandmothers at any kind of family gathering (or at least that was how it was in my family). It’s fairly poor quality ice cream, but it’s the time and place and memories of eating them that make them special. Has to be the mint flavour though.

    • So true about Viennetta! I agree that there are better desserts out there but, like you said, it’s the memories and the related experience that makes it stand out. You’re the second to mention mint and now I’m curious! The store that **used to** carry it here (so sad!) only had chocolate and vanilla.

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