“New” music for anyone else living under a big rock

What music gets you motivated enough to start moving through a task you’d rather not be doing?

A few new (to me) tracks and groups have been on heavy repeat the last couple of months. They helped me get through writing report cards and coming up with ideas to keep my students going the last few weeks of school.

part of a clock


I am clueless when it comes to pop music. YouTube is my go to for a few groups that I do have some idea exist. Thanks to playlists and autoplay, I stumbled upon Clean BanditBastille and OneRepublic.

Listening to CBC Radio 2 on the long drive home from work got me into Fitz and the Tantrums.

Clean Bandit and Rather Be’s Hook

Clean Bandit’s discovery was particularly fortuitous. I heard a bit of Rather Be that pulled me enough out of my work zone to check out what was playing and saw images of Tokyo.

Always curious about how Tokyo or Japan end up in videos and what is focused on, I bookmarked it for later and then forgot about it.

entrance to Tokyo Station

The renovated Marunouchi entrance to Tokyo Station.

After finally clicking on that bookmark, I liked what I heard enough to check out a few more tracks from the group. Stronger is also good.

The music is an interesting combination of classical strings with catchy dance beats. And most importantly? They are great for dancing around the kitchen!

As for the videos? Skip ’em. The songs are great by themselves and I feel like the videos actually distract from them.

Nice ones from those other groups

I haven’t listened to much of Bastille but I like Pompeii.

The same goes for OneRepublic. The song that caught me is Counting Stars.

Fitz and the Tantrums are a fun group. Handclap always makes me smile and Out of my League is worth a listen. Our little one adores dancing and squealing to Roll Up.

jumping of straw bale


If you have not been living under a rock like me, do you have any summer tunes to send my way?

6 thoughts on ““New” music for anyone else living under a big rock

  1. *From Bastille, I’d definitely recommend,

    Good Grief (from their 2nd album), Hangin’, Weight of Living Part, These Streets, Durban Skies, Laura Palmer, Things We Lost in The Fire, Bad Blood, …. basically all their first album.
    And also some of the songs they’ve revealed over the months in their shows such as: Snakes, Blame, and The Currents.
    Sorry, I just get excited over them! 😁☺

  2. There hadn’t been much of Bastille the last 2 years, but for months and months they kept teasing their audience with new songs. I’m just really happy and excited that they’ve announced that their 2nd album “Wild World” will be out on Sept. 9. Overall, they have really really good, catchy, and full of meaning songs.

  3. Hello Hilary, how lovely to hear from you. As for my music, so long as I can hear and understand the words I’ll listen to anything, and once I know the words, it’s a nice easy step to sing along and get lost in the music. My favourite band at the moment is The Paper Kites, a band from Melbourne and I love their music so much I can’t stop listening to them. Try this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZ38yIDvmZo I love it!

      • It’s all good 🙂 We’re currently staying with our daughter in Brisbane. She’s missed us so much, and with me having dinner on the table every night when she gets home from work, I think she doesn’t want us to leave here any time soon.

        • Ha ha! I can understand. Some day I want to take my family to Brisbane. I keep pondering doing some sort of teacher’s exchange at some point in the future there… or Japan. 😀 Or Finland. Of course, places I’ve all spent time in before.

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