Cassettes, thread and invisible ramen – keeping kids busy at home

Many of us are rowing in circles these days, trying to keep the kids from destroying the home while maintaining our sanity.

While there are the usual options like watching and acting out Totoro daily, learning to yo-yo after being inspired by this guy, and making slime, what about some new ones?


Destroy cassette tapes

When a parent’s back is turned, grab the nearest cassette and start pulling the ribbon to see what happens. Don’t worry if it happens to be mommy’s favourite and is labelled “Cheese”. (Hey! It’s got Jason Donovan on one side and Lionel Richie on the other and it’s an 80s classic!)

what’s left of “Cheese”

Unroll entire spool of thread, preferably something strong like quilting thread

While one parent is sitting working at the kitchen table, make sure to wrap said thread quietly around the kitchen chairs and table and over to the couch before pausing to get snowsuits and winter boots. Then call the parent for help. Oops! Parent is trapped. Oh well! March outside and continue wrapping thread around the swing set, head down the slide and then march back inside to find parent still trapped at kitchen table.

part of a clock

tick, tock, tick tock

Make invisible noodles

Whether it’s ramen or pasta, haul out the pasta maker, anchor it the counter and go wild cranking away. Good for a few hours of entertainment!

Who woulda thunk?

Dinosaur takes a bath

Why not?

Let the fun continue!

And you?

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