Music to boogie by!

Music is my other heartbeat. I think I’d probably keel over or go batty if it weren’t for music.

My tastes run pretty eclectic but funky house with vocals is my go to.

Presenting… three great links you must check out!

Louie Vega and Change

Little Louie is one half of MAW – Masters At Work along with Kenny Dope. While their spinning together is great, I’m pretty partial to what Mr. Louie does on his own, especially this one.

And it was this set that got me hooked on Change’s (Yup, that Change), Joey Negro Jazzy Dub Remix. Canadian Tanya Michelle Smith does the vocals. My kids love to bop around to this one!

The Goodmen (or The Good Men or Chocolate Puma or René Et Gaston or…)

Give It Up is a classic and while the original is fabulous, this Chocolate Puma remix is top notch. (The duo who made the original Give It Up way back in 1993 have so many names!)

Fat Girl Slim

Yes, Fat Boy Slim’s daughter is taking over in a hilarious (Go away, dad!Ahhh! Come back and help me! …. Go a-WAY, dad! … *sigh* I’m tired, dad. You take over.) and extremely funky set to get anyone wiggling. Bravo!

Have fun dancing at home in your kitchen and let me know what you love to groove to!

And you?

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