Requests & Ideas

Do you have a question about Japan?
Has a post here got you wondering and wanting more?

Asakusa, Japan water walkway

strolling Asakusa’s river wall, Tokyo

This page tracks requests and post ideas from readers. Thank you!

Leave requests in the comments or use the contact form. Blog links will be included if you have one so readers can check out your fabulous work!

Post Ideas from Readers

  • photos of our 300 square foot apartment in Tokyo for Jessica from Turquoise Compass
  • photos of Akita for Ri aka Lisa aka Risa from Ichigoichielove
  • video of muse sculpture dancing lights for Ri aka Lisa aka Risa from Ichigoichielove
  • “posts that are food related and… about Japanese culture/customs/tradition/history/daily life” for Dosirakbento
  • unstructured food/”wholesome Japanese dishes” for Simon from Zest and Herbs
  • photos of jizo for Marianne from Exploring the world
  • toilets around the world (or at least a part of) from Gin aka darwinontherocks

Post Ideas from Team HH, the JapanCanMix duo!

Here are some of our ideas I’d love to eventually write about.


  • tonjiru >> a lovely, warming soup
  • knife sharpening >> using techniques Hitoshi learned in Japan from his pa and at work
  • chashu >> Hitoshi’s work and will be his first written post!
  • kitty rice >> Hilary’s greatest comfort food
  • take (bamboo) >> picking it at Hitoshi’s family home


  • mixed marriage tips and things to think about

Living in Japan

  • Why Hilary moved to Japan >> hints: snow and school, but not as a student
  • all about our Shinto wedding from plans to kisses at dinner

Visiting Japan

  • glass blowing in rural Shikoku
  • baby food in Japan
  • accommodation with baby in Japan
  • Super Hotel Circuit
  • hiking Mt. Fuji
  • hiking Mt. Nantai
  • pharmacy statues
  • Asakusa
  • Yabusame

And you?

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