Ferris Wheel

A Ferris wheel, cow diaphragm and dragon flies

Memories from our final pre-children trip to Japan… Sweating visibly while silently shrieking on the brilliantly red Ferris wheel high above Osaka. Chewing delectable cow diaphragm at a Hakata ramen street vendor in Fukuoka. Circling the rim of an old caldera in the clouds while dodging swarms of friendly dragon flies in Fukushima.

koinobori flags for boys

Baby bloggers, take four!

Hello to all readers and thanks for still checking out JapanCanMix! My last post was back in July 2016. It was Pregnancy in Canada & Japan and for good reason. That post was a giant hint as to what was to come. Congratulations to three amazing blogger women I follow who also had babies in 2016! Here’s to Hanako…

bowls of wet and dry ingredients

Eggless yogurt pancakes and waffles

Having grown up making waffles and pancakes from scratch using recipes from the classic cookbook, Joy of Cooking, messing with the main ingredients seemed strange. Messing with them to the point of adding a massive amount of yogurt to the mix was a great way to wreck a perfectly decent waffle or pancake. But I…

semi in the heat of a Japanese summer

Semi (cicadas) in Alberta?

One of my favourite memories from Japan, especially a Japanese summer, is semi or cicadas. Their little insect bodies (or technically the tymbals inside their abdomens, as I learned) vibrate like crazy making an unmistakable, powerful sound that is unforgettable. The sound is oddly comforting but I’ve heard enough comments from people less impressed so…

men's glasses

Zoff Updates – broken frames and filing insurance outside of Japan

Hubby and I have bought several pairs of glasses from Zoff both while living in Japan and during visits back over the last several years. We’ve experienced a broken frame outside Japan and filed receipts with private health insurance companies in Canada. We hope what we’ve learned might help you! Does Zoff fix broken frames from outside…

Viennetta box and slice of ice cream cake

Viennetta in Canada… in 2016!

Viennetta is an outstanding and addictive frozen “cake” of ice cream layered with crunchy dark chocolate. Vanilla is the best flavour although chocolate and a few other flavours are available. The second last time I ate it was in 1997. Yes. 1997. In Finland. I had seen it in Canada around that time but never bought…

Japanese fish-based udon soup

Gluten-free Japanese recipes: udon soup

Hello new and old readers! I started working full-time in early March teaching a new class and that’s where most of my extra energy and time have gone. Thanks for continuing to check in! More gluten-free food Way back at New Year’s, Hitoshi and I hosted a Japanese themed dinner for a variety of guests,…

simmered pork belly

Gluten-free Japanese recipes: simmered fatty pork belly

For New Year’s Eve dinner, Hitoshi and I co-hosted a small party where most of the guests had food restrictions. One that seemed overwhelming at first (but turned out to be an easy fix) was adapting Japanese recipes to make them gluten-free. Gluten-free simmered fatty pork belly on rice The recipe below was translated from Japanese and…